Pastoral Ministry Degree

Bachelor of Arts (BA)



Course Length

16 weeks (semester)

Delivery Method

Traditional, On-Campus Lancaster, PA

Why Study Pastoral Ministry at LBC | Capital?

There are many ideas about what a pastor should be: some view pastors as the CEO of a corporation, while others see them as the one who gets paid to do the work of the ministry. At Lancaster Bible College, we believe in training pastors to become shepherd leaders. Here’s what we know to be true: the gospel is the only hope of humanity. God’s Church is God’s plan to reach the world with the hope of the gospel. That’s why we need pastors.

LBC’s pastoral ministry degree is grounded in the authority of Scripture and places a strong emphasis developing church leaders to become faithful pastors that lead fruitful churches. From a biblical foundation, students learn about the nature of ministry, discipleship and leadership within the context of the local church. Through our robust curriculum that integrates Bible classes, general education courses, classes focused on the science and art of expository preaching, and internship and practicum opportunities that give students a chance to engage in local church leadership and development, our students graduate prepared to enter into ministry. Students who study pastoral ministry at LBC also learn about the importance pastoral counseling and care within the context of the Church, all grounded in the example of Jesus and relying on empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Through careful training, you will learn how to apply the Scriptures to the problems of life and to extend loving care to your members. And all our classes are taught with an emphasis on engaging the present culture with knowledge of historic orthodoxy and practice. Students who complete this program will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Studies.

Where LBC Students Have Interned

  • Pastoral Intern at a Local Church
  • Ministry Youth Leader

Can I Transfer Credits?

Yes! Read about LBC’s transfer policy.

Other Pastoral Ministry Program Options

Bachelor’s + Master’s Option (4+1)
Minor – 12 credits
See bottom of this page for more information

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Pastoral Ministry Program Scope

Bachelor of Arts (BA) (122 Credits)

LBC Foundation Studies Courses 4 Credits

Bible & Theology Core Courses 30 Credits

Arts & Sciences Core Courses 31 Credits

Major Courses 45 Credits

Exploration Studies Courses 12 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

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What makes this LBC Pastoral Ministry program unique?
  • Receive instruction in the timeless Scriptures informed by the developments of the present day, without becoming distracted by momentary fads.
  • Gain practical, hands-on experience through internships, practicums, field-based experience and mock ordinations.
  • Learn from scholars with extensive ministry experience in a variety of ministry and professional settings.
  • Is seminary or graduate school in your future? Add a Biblical Languages minor.
What are career paths with a Pastoral Ministry bachelor's degree?

The Pastoral Ministry bachelor’s degree prepares students for a wide range of technical and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Pastor
  • Associate Pastor
  • Youth Pastor
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Parachurch Ministry Leadership
  • Counselor
Pastoral Ministry Program Goals – In this program, students will focus on…
  • Character Formation: Embody godly character as a foundation for life and ministry.
  • Ministry Competence: Develop the fundamental skills required for holistic shepherding care in all phases of the discipleship process.
  • Biblical Content: Gain appropriate biblical truth with theological reflection, contextual sensitivity and ministry orientation.
  • Christian Community: Exhibit relational aptitude that embraces the interpersonal nature of pastoral ministry and values the primary importance of the local church.
  • Missional Investment: Engage God’s mission in the world appreciating the global and local nature of pastoral ministry.
  • Vocational Expectation: Negotiate assumptions of pastoral work being sensitized to missional realities and resourced for sustainable ministry.
Core Courses for a Pastoral Ministry Student

CML 102 Foundations of Ministry
CML 210 Fundamentals of Leadership
CML 324 Spiritual Formation of Ministry Leaders
PAS 350 Pastoral Ministry Internship
PAS 450 Pastoral Ministry Practicum
ICS 120 Evangelism and Discipleship
CML Elective
CML 400 Cross Cultural Experience
PAS 120 Gospel Church and Mission
PAS 220 Preaching and Teaching the Scriptures
CML 303 Theology of Children, Youth and Family
PAS 320 Care and Counseling in the Church
PAS 410 Pastoral Perspectives on Leadership
THE 411 Role of Women in the Church
PAS 425 Worship and Devotion in Christian Practice
PAS 480 Advanced Preaching

Minoring in the Pastoral Ministry Program

These are the required courses for a minor in Pastoral Ministry (12 credits)

  • CML 210 Fundamentals of Leadership (3)
  • PAS 120 Gospel, Church and Mission as Pastoral Calling (3)
  • PAS 210 Community Formation & Discipleship in the
    Church (3)
  • PAS 220 Preaching and Teaching the Scripture (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

Bachelor + Master Options in Pastoral Ministry

LBC | Capital’s unique 4+1 program provides students the opportunity to earn their undergraduate BA degree in Pastoral Ministry while also pursuing a Master of Arts either in Ministry (MAM) or Biblical Studies (MABS). A student can experience all the benefits of dynamic undergraduate student life all five years while maximize your time in college and minimize the cost of your education without sacrificing the quality of your experience. Graduate-level courses taken during undergraduate studies fulfill both undergraduate elective requirements and graduate program requirements.  In the 4+1 program, students are dual-enrolled in LBC and Capital Seminary & Graduate School.

A student may opt for the 4+1 track at any point up through the beginning of their junior year. Before a student is formally admitted to the track, an evaluation will be conducted by their academic advisor. The evaluation considers the student’s previous academic performance, character and ability, and the recommendation of another LBC faculty member. Students that complete the 4+1 program can start their professional career sooner with the right credentials.

Meet the Faculty

Casey Barton, PhD
Director of the Pastoral Ministry Program
LaSondra Barnes, DMin
Director of Master of Arts in Ministry Program, Assistant Professor

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