Traditional Undergraduate

Spiritual Life

We Believe that Spiritual Life is a Key Component of Every Students’ Educational Experience.

A biblical worldview is central to our way of life at LBC. It’s the foundation for our academics, and it drives how we live, how we work, and how we engage each other. LBC provides numerous opportunities for students to know and serve God on campus and in the community, like through our weekly chapels services, mission opportunities and Christian service.

Weekly Chapel Services

Weekly chapel services are the one place and time where the entire LBC community in Lancaster can gather to encourage one another and receive instruction and challenge from the Word of God. Chapel services are at the core of Lancaster Bible College’s effort to encourage students to engage in Scripture, form disciples and build community. Regular chapel attendance is expected for all traditional undergraduate students – both residents and commuters. Chapel is held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:10 to 10 a.m. in the Good Shepherd Chapel. Chapel is a viral part of the LBC curricula.

The Good Shepherd Chapel, built in 2000 and 2001, is the first dedicated worship facility on the Lancaster Bible College campus. The large brick structure is located at the center of our campus and seats 1,600. All student chapel services, concerts, conferences, convocation, commencement and other special services are held here.

Missions Conference Attendance

Each spring semester classes are paused for our annual 3-day missions conference. Led by our Intercultural Studies and the Student Mission Fellowship organization, this conference exposes students to the needs of missions throughout the world and bring mission agency representative to campus to engage with students in education and activities. The Missions Conference helps to further the college’s vision to develops the head, heart and hands of servant ministry leaders for global impact.

Day of Prayer

Once each semester the entire student body, faculty and staff of LBC devote an entire day to prayer. The normal day class schedule is pause so that student can participate in day of prayer and worship activities.

Christian Service

Christian Service is built into each academic major and plays an important part in the overall education program of the college. Its function is to assist students in experiencing various forms of practical ministry experience to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society. Students will learn to cultivate an attitude of humility through the development of relationships, seek opportunities to share the gospel with those in spiritual need and learn hands-on skill through their Christian Service Opportunity. Christian Service I & II are required sophomore level courses consisting of two full academic semesters which provide direct experience under the supervision of experienced professionals in the Church and society.

Journey Teams

Looking to experience a cross-cultural ministry as part of a team? Throughout the semester, our Church & Ministry Leadership Department take students on Journey Team trips to the furthest corners of the world to live out the gospel by bringing hope to the hopeless. Whether working at an orphanage in Haiti, helping to build a church in Jamaica, teaching English in Germany, doing sports camps in the Philippians or engaging in street evangelism in Thailand, these experiences leave a lasting impact on both places and people.

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