Counseling & Care Center (C3)

A Student Success Service for Traditional Undergrads

The Counseling and Care Center at Lancaster Bible College – also called C3 – exists to provide comprehensive, biblically based, professional counseling services to undergraduate students at the college. It is the mission of C3 to help break down the barriers of success and equip each student to grow and develop into the man or woman God created them to be. We seek to encourage our students to grow in every area of their lives—physically, emotionally and spiritually through a careful balance of support, encouragement and challenge.

Contact Us at:

 717.560.8200 x 5581 |
Miller Hall, 2nd Level, Lancaster Campus
Mon – Fri: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

We want you to feel comfortable as you start your counseling journey with us. If you have any unanswered questions after reading through our web page, please let us know so we can talk through them together. Feel free to contact the C3 Director, Kimberly Blest ( to schedule a meeting to learn more about counseling services at C3.

Crisis Information

For LBC Public Safety

For Other emergencies
dial 9-1-1

For a Mental Health Crisis call or text
988 suicide & crisis lifeline

Who Will You Meet With?

The C3 staff counselors are professionals with graduate degrees in counseling, psychology or social work. Each staff person is committed to applying Christian principles as a foundation for their work with students. We recognize that there is no healing apart from the work of God. The Center also uses trained graduate interns for the counseling. Interns are closely supervised by a licensed staff counselor who is responsible for the intern’s work with students.

Kimberly Blest, MA, LPC
Director, Counseling & Care Center
Tyler Webb
Director of Student Care
Brittany Ober
Adjunct Faculty

How do you know if you might benefit from counseling?

Here are 10 things to look for:

  • Your eating and sleeping habits have changed
  • You no longer enjoy the things that you used to.
  • Your emotions are turned up to 12!
  • Social situations are a no go.
  • Unhealthy habits are becoming problematic
  • Your relationships aren’t healthy.
  • Something horrible happened.
  • You are unsure of who you are.
  • Your support network is diminished or nonexistent
  • Nothing else has helped.

What are some of the issues students address in therapy?

Students come to counseling for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are temporarily “stuck” in the middle of working out a personal problem. Being stuck usually relates to several common themes such as anxiety, depression, past trauma, relationship concerns, family issues, questions about faith, intimacy/sexuality, decision-making, adulting and managing emotions.

Counseling at C3 provides the opportunity to discuss your concerns with a trained therapist in a quiet, non-judgmental and confidential setting. Because a therapist is a neutral party, they have the ability to look at your situation, ask good questions, and help give you tools that equip you to work through your struggle.

FAQs about C3

How much does it cost to see a counselor?

Counseling is a free resource provided to LBC’s traditional undergraduate students.

How do I make an appointment?

Email for an online intake form, or stop by our office in Upper Miller for a paper form.  Once the form is submitted, C3 counselors will review your information, assign you to a counselor and contact you via email to schedule your first session.

How long does counseling last?

Some students come in once for a consultation while others visit weekly or bi-weekly over the course of the semester.  Sessions are 45-50 minutes.  Most students are seen on a short-term basis, 8 sessions or less.

Who can use the Counseling Services?

C3 services are open to traditional undergraduate students.  Other students or staff can find referral information using the Lancaster County Referral Network (pdf).

What kind of training do your counselors have?

Staff counselors either are in the process or have earned a professional counseling license in the state of PA, which also requires a graduate degree in counseling, psychology, or social work.  C3 is also an internship site for the training of graduate interns for the counseling profession. A licensed professional staff counselor who is responsible for the intern’s work with students closely supervises interns.

Are the counselors Christians?

Yes!  Every counselor is committed to applying Christian principles as a foundation for their work with students. Counselors at the college recognize that there is no healing apart from the work of God. They understand their discipline and, at the same time, understand the work of grace in each person’s life.

What about Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is the basis of the counseling relationship and is discussed in your intake packet as well as first session.  What you share with the counselor will be held in confidence, unless you give your counselor permission to discuss it with others. The only exceptions are suspected abuse of children or elderly persons, if you present a serious danger to yourself or others, or in the extremely unlikely event that records are requested by a court of law. You will be asked to sign a specific release form before any information is provided to outside parties.

What is I am concerned for a fellow student?

If you are concerned about a friend who may need help, you can discuss this with a counselor without revealing the identity of your friend. A brief consultation at such a time may be just what you need to decide how best to help your friend. A counselor can often assist you with ideas about suggesting counseling to a friend or about handling a difficult situation.

Can I bring a friend?

Counseling sessions are normally most effective on a one to one basis. However, in certain cases students are more comfortable bringing a friend to support them in the initial stages of counseling. Simply request this when you complete your intake form.

What about crisis situations?

Sometimes a student may find themselves or another student in a crisis situation. Whatever the situation, help is always there if we are willing to ask!

You can reach C3 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
call  717.560.8200 x 5581
or stopping in our suite in Upper Miller.
Let someone in the office know you are experiencing a crisis situation.

After Hours or in any emergency:

  • Residence Life RA/RD on Duty
  • LBC Public Safety 717.560.8247 or through LiveSafe App
  • National Crisis Line call/text 988

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