Study Abroad Through LBC

Reshape Your Worldview by Traveling the World.

Broaden your horizons and deepen your relationship with God through our study abroad options at LBC. These travel opportunities give students the chance to visit new places, experience other cultures and broaden their education.

We offer students two ways to study abroad: short-term tours or a semester abroad program.

TraveLearn Tours

Short-Term Travel with Long-Term Impact

Offered annually, our TraveLearn Tours enrich student learning through experiences that make Scripture come to life. Typically, the tours are offered during summer sessions and are focused on the countries where history is unfolded in the pages of Scripture. Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece are typically regular destinations. Students travel with experienced and knowledgeable professors and trace the footsteps of Jesus, the apostles and scores of other Bible characters. Biblical customs and culture are brought to life as ancient sites are explored, explained and even excavated in light of their significance in the grand narrative of scripture.

Semester Abroad Programs

Deep Study That Inspires Deep Change

Lancaster Bible College has entered into agreements with several institutions overseas, giving students the opportunity to earn credits at recognized institutions in a cross-cultural setting. For each of these programs, students remain enrolled at LBC and thus are eligible for financial aid but not for LBC’s in-house scholarships. Students should work closely with their advisors and the Registrar’s Office to ensure that credits earned will fit into their programs. Additional information is available at each program’s website and from the Registrar’s Office.

Emily's Journey

Emily's Journey

I divide my time abroad into 3 parts: Personal, Academic, and Spiritual. Although three months is a short time frame... Read More

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