Institutional Effectiveness

LBC, a premier learning community . . .


Developing the HEAD

Alumni indicate they received the knowledge they needed to succeed . . .

  • 95% acknowledge LBC's impact on their understanding of Christian doctrines
  • 94% feel prepared to research problems they encounter in life
  • 93% of those who attended graduate programs felt LBC helped prepare them well

“My educational experience through the graduate program was superb… Each course encouraged me to grow in my leadership skills as well as spiritually.” - LBC Graduate

  • Over 71% of LBC alumni responding to a 2016 survey considered their proficiency in knowing, interpreting, integrating, and applying the Scriptures to be excellent or above average.
  • About 80% of alumni responding to a 2016 survey considered their understanding and application of the knowledge and skills necessary for serving Christ in the Church and Society to be excellent or above average.
  • 90% evaluate life situations through a filter of biblical principles
  • 89% use principles of biblical hermeneutics in their Bible study
  • 78% felt LBC adequately prepared them for graduate work in their field

""LBC taught me to be introspective, to know my own strengths and weaknesses. LBC taught me discipline and prioritization." -2016 Alumni Survey

“My view of the world and evaluation of life situations have been shaped by my complete Christian experience and walk with the Lord, of which LBC was a chapter.” - LBC Graduate

“My LBC foundation has given me extraordinary tools for continuing in my master's education.” - LBC Graduate

  • 83% of those enrolling in a graduate program after LBC graduated from that program or were still enrolled at the time of the survey
  • 91% of those enrolling in a graduate program after LBC indicated they earned a 3.0 GPA or higher

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys]

Students rated LBC higher than the norm in . . .

  • Learning to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view [11 percentage points higher1]
  • Developing skill in expressing themselves orally or in writing [8 percentage points higher1]
  • Learning to apply course material to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions [6 percentage points higher1]
  • Quality of interactions with academic advisors [at least 16 percentage points higher2]
  • Examined the strengths and weaknesses of own views on a topic or issue [at least 16 percentage points higher2]
  • Included diverse perspectives in course discussions or assignments [at least 13 percentage points higher2]
  • Quality of interactions with faculty [at least 10 percentage points higher2]

[1Source: 2013 IDEA Course and Instructor Surveys; 44,455 students in comparison population]
[2Source: 2015 National Survey of Student Engagement; LBC compared to 82 Council of Christian Colleges & Universities schools, 8 close competitors, and 7 local colleges]

Developing the HEART

Alumni indicate their hearts were prepared for service to others…

  • 80% of LBC Alumni said their undergraduate experience help to prepare them for social and civic involvement.
  • 94% of LBC Alumni felt their undergraduate experience helped to prepare them for interpersonal relationships and family life.
  • Almost 67% of LBC alumni responding to a 2016 survey rated their ability to develop an understanding and appreciation of, and compassion toward, cultures of the world as excellent or above average.

“I felt as though before coming here I had very little knowledge of what the words ‘Christian Community’ truly meant. But after living in the dorms and seeing those around me live out their Christianity in a communal way I quickly understood what it meant. Also I felt as if the staff here at LBC did an excellent job of modeling Christian community to me.” - Spring '13 Graduate

  • 65% of LBC Alumni said they spent more than 10 hours per month with “unpaid community service or volunteer time” to non- profit or charitable organizations. This was at least 26.2% higher than any of the other comparison groups.

[Source: 2010 Alumni Survey]

Students rated LBC higher than the norm in…

  • Placing a high priority on developing a clearer understanding of, and commitment to, personal values [ranked 20 percentage points higher than the norm in IDEA Course and Instructor Surveys]

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys and the 2013 IDEA Course and Instructor Surveys]

Spiritual Formation…

  • 90.2% of freshmen felt they were able to achieve spiritual and personal growth during their first year of college with 86% indicating that this was the one area where they saw the greatest improvement in their lives.
  • 92.6% felt they were able to develop an understanding of Christian character expressed both personally and interpersonally.
  • 90.3% felt they were able to experience a sense of Christian community during their first year at LBC.

[Source: 2013 AICUP First Year Student Survey]

Developing the HANDS

Alumni indicate they were prepared for and found employment in a position related to their field of study…

94% of LBC Alumni feel their undergraduate experience prepared them for employment in a desired career.

“Within 6 months of graduation, I had transitioned into full-time ministry with a well-known evangelistic ministry.” - LBC Graduate

  • 87% of respondents were satisfied with the opportunities to use their undergraduate education in their current employment.
  • 83% felt LBC adequately prepared them for employment in their desired career.

“My classes at LBC have helped immensely in preparing me for my current position.” - Jack, LBC Graduate

  • 81% were employed in a position related to their field of study; 63% within the first year out of college and 71% within five years [positions held by LBC graduates]

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys and the 2013 IDEA Course and Instructor Surveys]

Students gain practical ministry experience through. . .

56,655 Hours Served (2015-16)

  • Christian Service – 4,950 hours
  • Practica - 12,248 hours
  • Internships – 31,647 hours
  • Field Service – 2,210 hours
  • Student Teaching – 5,600 hours

Preparing Servant Ministry Leaders for Global Impact

100% of responding LBC Alumni reported serving in their local church

  • 77% in some church-related ministry
  • 86% as teachers
  • 38% as church leaders

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys]

90% of LBC Alumni felt adequately prepared to proclaim Christ through service in church and society

  • 73% volunteer at a Christian organization other than their church
  • 81% were active in their local communities

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys]

43% of LBC Alumni have served as missionaries

  • LBC Alumni serve around the globe. Since 1964, over 55 countries have been touched by the ministry of LBC alumni who use the education and training they received to impact the lives of unbelievers and believers alike.

[Source: 2010-2012 alumni surveys]

95% of 2013-2014 freshmen felt their opportunities and experiences were worth the money spent and 92.7% of them indicated they would return in the fall.

Source: 2013 First Year Student Survey from the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP)

LBC’s Top 10 Strengths

According to our students in a 2014 Student Satisfaction Inventory

  1. LBC is committed to biblical foundation as evidenced by teaching sound doctrine and proper interpretation of Scripture.
  2. The instruction in my major field is excellent.
  3. Nearly all of the faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
  4. My academic advisor is knowledgeable about requirements in my major.
  5. LBC is developing students for a ministry/service mindset as evidenced by preparing them both academically and experientially.
  6. The content of the courses within my major is valuable.
  7. LBC is committed to spiritual foundation as evidenced by providing an environment which encourages spiritual life and growth.
  8. LBC is helping me develop the life of my mind as it offers me a Christ-centered and Bible-focused ministry.
  9. I am able to experience intellectual growth here.
  10. LBC is committed to premier biblical education as evidenced by the encouragement of a Christ-centered learning community.

Observation: 4 out of 10 strengths are in the area of academic major and advisor.

Source: 2014 Student Satisfaction Inventory from Noel-Levitz, given to sophomores and juniors.


LBC ranks higher than other Bible colleges and other four-year private institutions in overall student satisfaction. 1

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1 Source: 2014 Student Satisfaction Inventory from Noel-Levitz, given to sophomores and juniors

LBC 's College Scorecard Results


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