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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Practical, hands-on experience in local church setting

Study Children & Family Ministry at LBC

Nurturing Hearts and Minds  

We believe that the power of the gospel can transform lives at any age. That's why ministries designed specifically for children and their families are so vital in God’s kingdom. 

If you have a heart that beats for children, a heart that's broken for hurting families and a desire to serve, consider studying Children & Family Ministry at LBC. Through this program, you'll learn what it takes to provide spiritual support, care, help and hope to families.

Through a robust curriculum that covers everything from Bible, discipleship, leadership and more, this program will help you examine your own spiritual gifts, passions and personality to best prepare you for ministry.

Why Study Children & Family Ministry at LBC?

  • You'll learn from long-time professionals who have served in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Get real, hands-on experience serving in ministry as a part of the curriculum.  
  • Students enjoy small class sizes that allow for one-on-one interactions with caring professors.

"Let the little children come to me . . . for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." - Matthew 19:14

A Closer Look: Children & Family Ministry

Carl Edwards LBC

Carl Edwards ('10): 2016 Distinguished Alumni Service Award Recipient

Carl Edwards is a proud graduate of LBC's Church & Ministry Leadership department and currently serves the director of Cross Connection Youth Center in New Holland, Pennsylvania. "Handling the word is very important. I want to do justice to the text," said Edwards of his ministry and education at LBC. "That was one of the biggest things to me - learning how to read the word, learning how to study it, looking it as literal text and applying it. Next is the relational side of ministry - that's where disciples are made. LBC modeled that for me by having people who poured themselves into me." 

Meet The Faculty

Mrs. Esther Zimmerman

Program Director Children & Family Ministry and Women in Christian Ministry

"If we take Jesus seriously when He said that His Father was not willing that ANY of these little ones should be lost, we need to be passionately committed to the goal that EVERY child in EVERY community all around the world should have SOMEONE who can help them know and follow Jesus for a lifetime! My heart is that there would be many more leaders who share God's heart for children and are equipped to reach and disciple them wherever they are found." — Mrs. Zimmerman

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Dr. Richard Rhoads

Chair of the Church & Ministry Leadership Department

"Who we are and how we live together is what we teach." — Richard Rhoads

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Careers and Jobs in Children & Family Ministry

  • Children's Pastor or Director
  • Family Ministry Director
  • Family Counselor
  • Foster Care Advocate
  • Cross-Cultural Work
  • Leadership in Community-Based Organizations

Here Are Some of the Classes You'll Take:

CML 102 - Foundations of Ministry & Discipleship

This course will serve as an introduction to the ministry of the local church. Emphasis will be placed on the holistic integration of discipleship and spiritual formation principles. Students will evaluate models of ministry and develop a comprehensive discipleship plan.

CFM 104 - Theology of Children & Family Ministry

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding and knowledge of the role of children’s ministries in the local church. In light of that, attention is given to the development of a ministry philosophy and the administration of a children’s ministry program. Students will learn the skills necessary to be effective teachers of children. This course is also designed to enable the student to develop a ministry specifically geared to the needs and characteristics of children in the context of the family. Attention will also be given to developing ministry to the entire family.

CML 210 - Fundamentals of Leadership

Building on a foundation of personal character development, this course will overview theological components essential for effective leadership. Student will learn strategies for team building, conflict management and leading change.

CML 201 - Teaching Skills

This course has been divided into two major sections. The first half will present the theory of effective teaching through an interactive seminar equipping venue, and will be facilitated by online elements, classroom lectures, student interaction, and readings. The second half of the course will focus on the practical application of the theory in actual student teaching both on and off campus, along with peer evaluations.

CFM 322 - Pastoral Care & Nurture of Families

The purpose of this course is to learn about the needs of children in the context of family. This course is designed to teach students skills that will enable them to address the concerns that a parent or teacher may have about a child’s emotional, spiritual or psychological well-being. Life situations will be addressed in the class.

CFM 332 - Discipleship of Children & Families

This course is designed to study the aspects of spiritual formation in the lives of children in the familial context. Issues of faith formation, spiritual growth and spiritual development will be explored. The principles of evangelism and discipleship on the life of a child will be studied in conjunction with developmental stages.

CML 421 - Balancing Life and Ministry

This class is a study of the tensions that exist in balancing responsibilities of ministry and personal life. It will address issues of life purpose, priorities, time management, spiritual rhythms and marriage. Specifically, the students will write a life purpose statement and examine their daily routines with the intent of creating a life of healthy stewardship. Principles of missional marriage will also be explored.

CFM 432 - Dynamics of Leadership in Children’s Ministry

Targeting the role of the children’s ministry leader, this course focuses on the strategies necessary to build a strong children’s ministry. Attention will be given to the personal qualities and skill areas germane to effective leadership. Principles of team building and equipping will also be taught and demonstrated.

CML 440 - Cross-Cultural Experience

Choose Israel Experience OR Turkey/Greece Experience. By visiting the birthplace of the world’s three largest religions, students experience the intersection of cultural, religious, geographical, and historical realities. Ultimately, students are better prepared to understand and communicate biblical truth.

CML 450B - Christian Education Practicum

This course is an in-service program for the purpose of providing direct experience under the supervision of a qualified professional and the ministry advisor. Development of a personal philosophy of ministry, doctrinal statement, resume, and ministry experience portfolio will serve as a capstone to their preparation for future professional positions. A minimum of 150 hours of field experience is required.

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