Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS)



Avg. Completion Time tooltip-icon

1-2 years (full-time)

Delivery Method

Online OR Hybrid

Why Earn Your Biblical Studies Degree through LBC | Capital?

If you want to grow in your ability to more accurately understand the Bible, to more appropriately apply the Bible to your life and culture, and to more clearly and creatively communicate the Bible, this program is for you.

Our master’s degree in biblical studies is designed to provide you with the opportunity to pursue an integrated program of study in Bible and theology. In this program, you’ll gain understanding of and appreciation for deeper biblical truths that will transform your mind with a goal of motivating you to sacrificial ministry and service within the contexts of church and community, (Romans 12:1-2).

What Makes our Program Different?

LBC | Capital’s MABS program is designed to offer the students a biblical and theological foundation in three different concentrations (Bible Exposition, Christian Apologetics, Theology), so that students are prepared to teach God’s Word more accurately and clearly. While some students will pursue additional degrees, others will minister directly in a variety of formal and informal venues. While the courses are all designed with the highest quality in mind, these courses can be taken in either a more convenient online format or in a more personally interactive blended format.

Course Length

8 weeks

Advancement Standing

Receive up to 12 credits of advanced standing

Residency Requirement

While there are no residency requirements for an online course, there is a two-day residency requirement for a hybrid course.

Biblical Studies Program Cost & Financial Aid

Transfer Agreement tooltip-icon

Transfer up to 50% of a degree from an outside institution

Would You Like More Information?

Reach out to request more information today, and one of our admissions counselors will connect with you soon to provide further details and answers to your questions.

Biblical Studies Program Scope

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) (48 Credits)

Biblical & Theological Foundations 15 Credits

Biblical Skills Development 15 Credits

Concentrations 12 Credits

Electives 6 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

Difference between Hybrid & Online Courses

Hybrid courses include a required in-person two-day residency that provides a unique opportunity for students and professors to interact face-to-face within a learning community. These residencies also offer natural opportunities for ministry networking, informal peer interactions and creative learning activities.

ONLINE courses offer the flexibility of not requiring an in-person residency. Online students can interact with peers and professors through optional weekly synchronous online meetings. Online courses also allow students to pursue their degrees from anywhere in the world.

What makes this LBC | Capital Biblical Studies program unique?

The program is delivered in a blended and accelerated model that allows life-engaged adult learners to complete an advanced degree without uprooting life at home and work. Students participate in a learning community that blends online education with in-class residencies. A typical course is 8 weeks in length. Additionally, you can:

  • Study at an accredited Bible college.
  • Learn from experienced and caring faculty who actively serve in ministry.
What are career paths with a Biblical Studies master's degree?

The Master of Biblical Studies program will prepare you for a wide range of service and/or ministry contexts. Here’s just a sampling of careers where our MABS alumni serve:

  • Pastors
  • Teacher in a high school, college or university
  • Formal or informal teacher in the church or a parachurch organization
Biblical Studies Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Develop a knowledge of the narrative, content, and interpretation of the Bible in context toward the development of a biblical worldview.
  • Apply skills necessary to study the Bible in its original languages with appropriate tools.
  • Demonstrate competency in interpreting, applying, and communicating the theological teaching of the Bible to life and ministry.
  • Integrate research skills using appropriate resources for maintaining life-long education.

Customize Your MA Biblical Studies with a Concentration

By combining the general MABS scope with one of these concentrations, you can customize your course of study to better meet your educational goals. With the strategic use of available electives, these concentrations provide students with unique opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills within specific domains and disciplines.

All concentrations are currently available in the hybrid modality.

*Only these concentrations are available as blended at our D.C. Location.

Bible Exposition*

This concentration effectively equips pastors, elders, lay teachers, youth leaders, and para-church leaders who desire to sharpen their skills for expository communication of the scriptures.

  • BIB 535 Introduction to Biblical Preaching (Required)
  • BIB Elective
  • BIB Elective
  • BIB Elective
Christian Apologetics*

This concentration prepares students to think critically about the various religious and non-religious belief systems that challenge the truth of Christianity. It equips them to effectively engage any person or thought-system with the truth of the Christian faith.

Students choosing to earn a concentration in Christian Apologetics will take the following courses:

  • APO 540 Christian Apologetics (Required)
  • APO 545 New Testament Issues in Apologetics (Required)
  • APO Elective
  • APO Elective

This concentration equips Christian leaders for ministry by providing them with an advanced framework for thinking theologically, an understanding of the development of Christian theology from its origins to the present, and opportunities for focused research into various topics and issues in systematic, historical, and biblical theology.

Students choosing to earn a concentration in Theology will take the following courses:

  • THE 518 History of Christian Doctrine (Required)
  • THE 517 Theological Method
  • Theology Elective
  • Theology Elective

Meet the Faculty of the Biblical Studies Program

Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD
Professor and MABS Director
Samuel Harbin, DMin
Professor, Chair of Bible & Theology Department
Mark Farnham, PhD
Professor, MA in Christian Apologetics Program Director
Daniel Carver, PhD
Associate Professor, Old Testament in Bible & Theology
Gordon Gregory, DTh
Professor of Bible & Theology, Faculty Athletic Representative
Joe Kim, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Mark Meyer, PhD
Professor, PhD in Biblical Studies Program Director
Timothy Nicholls, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Tony Shetter, PhD
Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Bible & Theology

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Logos Bible Software Package for Students

Our partnership with Faithlife enables us to make available to MABS and MDiv students a Logos Bible Software package worth over $4,000 for about $1,000. LBC | Capital is committed to equipping students with the skillset needed for successful ministry in the 21st century. We believe this includes taking full advantage of the technologies that are relevant and applicable to their context. The LBC | Capital Logos Package combines a custom-designed library of exegetical resources and the powerful tools of Logos Bible Software, which should aid students in being faithful to the biblical text as they navigate the demands of life and ministry.

Looking for Ways to Finance Your Master’s Degree?

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