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16 weeks (semester)

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Traditional On-Campus, Lancaster

Study Sport Management at LBC | Capital

If you’re looking for an education in sport management or a sports administration degree that’s hands on, practical and focused on giving you résumé-ready skills and experience, look no further. At Lancaster Bible College, our Sport Management degree allows students to be a part of this $400 billion industry – before they even graduate.

While many colleges offer sport management programs, none are quite like ours. With a program that is intentionally designed to give students field experience before graduating, our students leave equipped and ready to lead in their industry in sports administration, coaching or sport ministry. Plus, biblical integration is key to every course.

Starting in their freshman year, students begin working in their field, first by helping to plan and execute athletic events, followed by an apprenticeship under a skilled professional in their sophomore year, then internships and practicum in their junior and senior years. In total, our students leave with a minimum of 440 hours of relevant sport management experience. LBC firmly believes in giving our students opportunities for as much hands-on experience as possible.

Furthermore, our students integrate their faith into their profession through our unique program that places a strong emphasis on Bible classes, professional classes and coaching classes. In fact, our students graduate with two majors: Sport Management and Biblical Studies.

So if you’re looking for a Christian college that will give you an education in the Bible and beyond, consider applying to LBC to study Sport Management.

Areas of Specialization include: Sport Management, Coaching, Sport Ministry (camp, fitness, church ministry)

Accredited by COSMA tooltip-icon

COSMA logoThe sport management degree program at LBC has received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).
View our COSMA student learning outcomes (pdf).

Where LBC Students Have Interned

  • Intern at Cal Ripken’s Baseball Clinic
  • Intern at Spooky Nook (Largest Indoor Recreational Complex in North America)
  • Intern at YMCA

Can I Transfer Credits?

Yes! Read about LBC’s transfer policy

Other Program Selections

Associate of Science (AS) – 61 credits
Minor – 15 credits
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Bachelor's Program Scope

Sport Management (124 Credits)

Bible & Theology Core 43 Credits

Arts & Sciences Core 38 Credits

Sport Management Core 43 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

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Real-World Experience
LBC alumni Taylor has used his degree to go far. Today, he works at Under Armour and helps design and develop the world-recognized shoes worn by professional and aspiring athletes alike. Hear him explain why he studied at LBC and why a biblical education matters.

Program Distinctives - What makes this LBC program unique?

This major prepares you for careers in professional sports, college athletics, amateur sports, youth sports or a sports-related position with corporation or sports ministry. You will leave with a variety of practical hands-on experience and professional skills to organize, administrate and facilitate sports programs at corporate, agency, professional and amateur levels. You will also be able to receive national certifications in coaching, first aid and CPR.

Field Service/Internships. Students receive field service experience each year they are enrolled at LBC. These field service opportunities are key to the students’ educational experience as it is where they put into practice what they have learned in the classroom. Internships may include working with professional sports organizations, college and high school athletic departments, recreational departments, churches and sport ministry organizations that focus on areas such as facility management, sport promotion and marketing, sport media, customer or community relations, sport sponsorship, licensing, sport information and coaching.

Career Paths

The Sport Management bachelor’s degree prepares students for a wide range of technical and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this degree affords:

  • Athletic Director
  • College Coach
  • League Manager
  • Sports Coach
  • Sports Administration
  • Staff for Professional Sports Team


Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Plan, create and implement a comprehensive sport program for private and public sectors utilizing biblical principles of stewardship and discipleship.
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the fundamental principles of sport management.
  • Distinguish individual differences and describe all dimensions of diversity.
  • Apply critical, analytical and creative thinking skills to solve problems through the integration of management theories.
  • Develop the communication skills necessary to disseminate information in a variety of oral, written and electronic formats.
  • Interpret regulations and legal aspects relative to the sport profession.
Core Courses for a Sport Management Student

SPM 105 Intro to Sport Management
SPM 130 Sport Communication
SPM 175 Field Exploration
SPM 275 Apprenticeship
SPM 315 Administration of Sport
SPM 320 Organizational Leadership
SPM 355 Internship
SPM 400 Cross Cultural Experience
SPM 420 Sport Finance
SPM 470 Sport Law and Ethics
SPM 450 Practicum
SPM 270 Sport Marketing
SPM 390 Sport Governance
SPM 475 Facility and Event Management
SPM Major Electives
SPM Sport Management Seminar (8 semesters)

Visit the catalog for the complete listing and descriptions.

Meet the Faculty

Amanda Zuschmidt, MEd
Program Director for Sport Management, Assistant Professor
Tom Randolph, EdD
Zach Freeman, MS
Director of Advancement Operations
and Adjunct Faculty in HPE
Jackie Hoover, EdD
Adjunct Faculty Sport Management
Steven Polonus, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Subject Matter Expert Designer & Manager

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Other Sport Management Program Options

Associate Degree Program Plan
Bible & Theology 19
Arts & Sciences 18
Sport Management 24
Total 61

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

Minoring in the Program

These are the required courses for a minor in Sport Management (15 credits)

  • SPM 105 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
  • SPM 140 Fundamentals of Coaching (3)
  • SPM SPM Major Elective (3)
  • SOC 412 Sociology of Sport (3)
  • SOC 305 Sport Psychology (3)

View the Academic Catalog for details.

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