English as a Second Language

Master of Education (MEd)


Avg. Completion Time

2-3 years (full-time)

Delivery Method


Why Earn an MEd in English as a Second Language Through Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School?

If you have been a teacher for any length of time, you know that students face their own unique set of challenges in the classroom. But imagine going to school and not even knowing the language your classmates and teachers speak. By earning a master’s degree in ESL, you will be equipped to engage with speakers of other languages in PreK-12 classrooms and watch them discover the wonder of language acquisition.

This online program leads to the Pennsylvania Program Specialist in ESL certificate for teachers already holding a Pennsylvania Instruction I or II certification. Students may complete the six courses for ESL certification only or complete the entire program for the master’s degree with ESL certification.

Course Length

8 weeks, a few courses are 16 weeks

Residency Requirement tooltip-icon

There is no residency requirement. To help build community students have the opportunity to participate in a weekly 30-60 minute Zoom session with their professor and fellow students.

Capstone Requirement

There is no capstone requirement.

Transfer Agreement

Transfer in up to 9 graduate level credits with a grade of B or higher.

License, Certification, Credential Information

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Program Plan

MEd: English as a Second Language (42 Credits)

Biblical & Theological Course 3 Credits

MEd Core Courses 21 Credits

ESL Courses 18 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

Looking for Certification Only?

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Program Distinctive - What makes this program at LBC unique?

LBC | Capital’s program is designed for active educators who seek a convenient, online learning experience that fits with their busy lifestyle. The mission of the Education Department at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School guides our thinking and practice. We exist to prepare and disciple teachers to be relevant, relational and reflective practitioners who think biblically and impact the educational community. When you earn your MEd from LBC | Capital, you will experience:

  • Knowledgeable, compassionate faculty who teach and mentor
  • Opportunities to develop your research skills
  • Field placements to hone your skills
  • Enriched practice through the lens of a biblical worldview
Career Paths

The Master of Education will prepare you for a wide range of service and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers in which our MEd alumni serve:

  • Academic Support Teacher at a Christian school in Lancaster County
  • Christian schools overseas
  • ESL programs with refugees here in the U.S.
  • Academic Support teacher at a Christian school
  • Working with Bible translation organization
In this program, students will…
  • Demonstrate ability as an English as a Second Language teacher.
  • Understand his/her identity as a teacher and leader.
  • Lead within the classroom, school and larger educational community.
  • Reflect on practice and make evidence-based decisions.
  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues, families and the community.
  • Think and live through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

Course Title Year Semester Credits
ESL 500 (1) Culture & Communication One Fall 3
EDU 526 (2) Diagnostic Reading Assessment One Fall 3
ESL 515 (1) Language & Literacy Development of ESL One Spring 3
EDU 529 (2) Collaborative Team Approach One Spring 3
EDU 550 (1) Socio-cultural Perspectives Approach One Summer 3
ESL 517 (1) Language Foundations for Teachers One Summer 3
EDU 519 (1) Foundations & Frameworks Two Fall 3
ESL 520 (2) Instruction & Assessment for ESL (20 hrs. field work) Two Fall 3
ESL 610 (can be offered whenever needed) ESL Internship & Seminar* Two Spring 3
BTC 503 Foundations for Integration or 504 Perspectives on Integration Two Summer 3
1 Elective Two Summer 3
EDU 560 (2) Teacher’s Life & Work Three Fall 3
EDU 598 Seminar in Action Research* Three Fall 3
EDU 599 (prereq 598) Project in Action Research* Three Spring 3

* = 16 week courses

Meet the Faculty

Robin Bronkema, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Programs
Bob Dodson, EdD
Professor, Certification Officer, Field Placement Coordinator
Stacey Martin, EdD
Academic Dean of Education, Counseling & Social Work
Angela Becker, EdD
Adjunct Faculty

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