Nonprofit Management

Master of Science (MS)


Avg. Completion Time

1 year

Delivery Method


Why Study Nonprofit Management at LBC | Capital?

LBC | Capital’s Master of Science in Nonprofit Management is designed to provide a strong biblical context along with hands-on learning from experienced professionals to give students a competitive edge within their positions. Men and women who live by a biblical worldview will be successful in the business world and provide a positive perspective for their boards and within their organization. Graduates of the Master of Science in Nonprofit Management will obtain marketable skills to accelerate their career path, making them more qualified candidates for executive positions.

The MS in Nonprofit Management is designed to expand and enhance the skills of students of all levels of experience who are managing a department, an entire organization or have a desire to do so in the future. This graduate level program provides a biblical foundation for those that serve in public, private and Christian non-profit sectors.

The program also places an emphasis on the nonprofit sector although the principles taught are applicable to any for-profit organization and the program is designed to add different sector concentrations. This is accomplished by building the coursework around 5 core courses and 5 nonprofit courses.

Course Length

8 weeks

Transfer Agreement

No credits can be transferred in.

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Program Plan

MS in Nonprofit Management (33 Credits)

Biblical & Theological Course* 3 Credits

Business 30 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

*This Biblical & Theological course is required unless the student enters the program with advanced standing. Ask your admissions counselor about Advance Standing.

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Program Distinctives - What makes LBC | Capital's program unique?

This program is designed for the adult professional learner and offers flexibility so students can maintain their current careers while earning an advanced degree. Bringing real-life situations to the classroom greatly enhances student learning.

  • Online delivery of the program provides flexibility while allowing students to work at a pace that fits their life stage.
  • As students complete various grouping of courses, certificates will be offered demonstrating the new skills developed.
  • Students can progress through the program in a cohort-based model providing a collegial community with other Christians serving in the similar positions.
  • The program is designed to provide a very practical view to Nonprofit Management including strategic leadership, ethics, fundraising, potential legal pitfalls and practical operations, all presented to the student within a biblical worldview.
  • Leadership and management courses are presented to assist the student to learn how to manage upward and downward in an organization.
  • A particular emphasis will be placed on the overall purpose of the organization, understanding the importance of a constitution and bylaws along with various board structures that will enable the student to launch their own nonprofit if that is their desire.
Career Paths

The nonprofit space provides many opportunities for graduates who have the skills, capacities and qualifications to help lead organizations. Churches are also in need of credentialed and trained leaders to help develop and lead ministries. Graduates from our programs will see opportunities in careers such as fundraising, volunteer and executive leadership, program coordination, financial controllers, operations leaders and more.

Program Goals – In this program, students will…

This program is designed to enhance the abilities of the students. As a result of this course of study, the student will explore the following:

  • Biblical Leadership: Integrate a biblical foundation of leadership starting with personal spiritual formation and transitioning to a broader organizational level of leadership principles and practices.
  • Knowledge: Demonstrate comprehension of content knowledge and concepts, practices and skills specific to the Bible and the functional areas of business. Students will apply key business disciplines with an emphasis on critical thinking. Skills pursued throughout this degree include strategic leadership, financial decision making, avoiding potential legal pitfalls and marketing strategies.
  • Critical Thinking: Exhibit competency of using creative thinking to synthesize ideas and apply analytical and problem-solving skills to take appropriate risks in developing innovative and practical approaches to various challenges.
  • Communication: Demonstrate clear and effective communication skills in all written and oral communications. Students will create long-term communication messaging strategies, with clarity and coherence in written and spoken forms.
  • Practical Study: Develop skills through hands-on experiential learning will be used to develop marketing strategies and then create tactical plans, execute the plan on a timeline and planned schedule, and assess the effectiveness of those plans.
  • Ethical Practices: Confirm character by developing appropriate responses when confronted with moral and ethical dilemmas through the integration of a biblical worldview to personal and professional situations.

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

*Students determined to have Advanced Standing by the Registrar’s office will have the BTC course waived.

Course Title Credits
Core Courses
BUS 505 Developing Strategy for Organizations 3
BUS 510 Leadership and Management 3
BUS 515 Ethics 3
BUS 520 Strategic Marketing 3
BUS 525 Managerial Accounting 3
Nonprofit Sector Courses
BUS 550 Building an Organizational Culture 3
BUS 560 Legal Issues and Risk 3
BUS 570 Social Media 3
BUS 580 Fund Raising and Advancement 3
BUS 590 Advanced Financial Management 3
Biblical & Theological Course*
BTC 503 Foundations for Integration or BTC 504 Perspectives on Integration 3

Meet the Faculty

Martin Sauer, MBA
Assistant Professor, Chair, Business Administration Department
Anjanette Bender, JD
Associate Chair, Business Administration
Jeremy Campbell, DBA
Adjunct Faculty

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