Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies (PhD)



Avg. Completion Time

is between 4 - 4 ½ years for full-time students

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Why Earn a PhD in Biblical Studies Through Capital?

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies will do much more than simply add two letters to the beginning of your name – it will transform the way you understand the Bible and do ministry.

In this terminal research doctorate, you will become a biblical scholar and gain deep insights into the Word of God. Through the program, students will expand their mastery of the original languages of the Bible, the cultural backgrounds of the Bible, the significance of the intertestamental period, and the history of hermeneutical frameworks and theological developments from the early church up to the present.

Course Length

16 weeks

Residency Requirement

Three 6-day residencies per year (locations vary)

Capstone Requirement

PhD in Biblical Studies Program Cost & Financial Aid

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Program Plan

PhD in Biblical Studies (60 Credits)

Biblical Studies Courses 32 Credits

Education Theory & Practice Courses 8 Credits

The Dissertation Series 20 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

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Program Distinctives - What makes LBC | Capital's program unique?

This program blends the American and European model of PhD studies by devoting 40 hours to the coursework phase and 20 hours to the dissertation phase. Other things that set our program apart include:

  • It’s designed for life-engaged learners who need to maintain residency near their existing ministries and vocations.
  • Courses are delivered in a unique, blended learning model that combines online and face-to-face classes, including three face-to-face learning experiences each year.
  • This program uses the cohort model, which allows a group of students to travel the educational path together, supporting and encouraging each other throughout the journey. Admission is limited to 12 to 18 applicants per cohort group.
Career Paths

The PhD in Biblical Studies will prepare you for a wide range of service and ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of ministries of our PhD alumni serve in:

  • Lead Teaching Pastor in a church of any size
  • Director of a parachurch ministry or a missions organization
  • Professor of Bible or Theology in an institution of higher Christian education
  • Program Director in an institution of higher Christian education
Program Goals – In this program, students will…
  • Develop greater expertise in exegesis through advanced training in the original biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
  • Comprehend and analyze Scripture against the backdrop of the languages, civilizations, and literatures of the ancient world in which the revelation of God was first given to humanity.
  • Explore and evaluate the history of hermeneutical frameworks and theological developments from the early church to the present day in order to have a more informed understanding of the theological foundations of the church.
  • Be equipped to think and execute skillfully as classroom and online teachers in the rapidly changing higher education environment.
  • Be equipped to think and execute skillfully as research scholar and authors, honing the skills necessary to complete a doctoral dissertation.
  • Elect one of two approaches to research – the humanities approach most commonly employed in biblical scholarship or the empirical approach often employed in the field of education.

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

Course Title Year Semester Credits
BIB 901 Advanced Biblical Research & Writing One Fall 4
BIB 902 Learning & Teaching: Theory & Practice One Fall 4
BIB 903 OT Backgrounds One Spring 4
BIB 904 NT Backgrounds One Spring 4
BIB 905 OT Exegesis One Summer 4
BIB 908 Reading German One Summer 0
BIB 909 OT Hermeneutics & Theology Two Fall 4
BIB 910 NT Hermeneutics & Theology Two Fall 4
BIB 911 Cohort Elective 1 Two Spring 4
BIB 912 Cohort Elective 2 Two Spring 4
BIB 906 NT Exegesis Two Summer 4
BIB 913 Contemporary Instructional Methods & Design Two Summer 4
BIB 907 Reading French Three Fall 0
BIB 914 Qualifying Exam Preparation Three Fall 0
BIB 915 Dissertation IA:  Reading & Proposal Three Spring 4
Dissertation Series: BIB 916-918 Four Fall-Summer
Dissertation Series: BIB 916-918 Five Fall-Spring

Meet the Faculty

Mark Meyer, PhD
Professor, PhD in Biblical Studies Program Director
Samuel Harbin, DMin
Professor, Chair of Bible & Theology Department
Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD
Professor and MABS Director
Joe Kim, PhD
Professor of Bible & Theology
Debra Johnson-Cortesi, PhD
Assistant Director of CML Doctoral Programs, Professor
Michael Anthony, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

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