Christian Care (Divinity)

Master of Divinity – Christian Care (MDiv-CC)


Avg. Completion Time tooltip-icon

2-3½ yrs (full-time)

Delivery Method tooltip-icon

Online & Hybrid

Why Earn an MDiv Christian Care Degree through LBC | Capital?

LBC | Capital’s Master of Divinity Christian Care (MDiv-CC) specialization program, offered online, will provide you with more than just the credentials to get you where you want to go. By the time you graduate, you will have spent many hours preparing for ministry in the 21st century, alongside many hours learning theology and the biblical languages. After all, what good is our ancient faith if we can’t properly teach and reach a modern world, culture and church? A learning journey that integrates biblical, theological and ministry studies helps students develop wisdom plus the character needed for present and future service. LBC | Capital MDiv students are equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to faithfully lead and serve in diverse ministry contexts, as they also prepare to address today’s challenging questions and issues while faithfully upholding the truth of God’s Word.

A Master of Divinity degree is also the most pursued academic credential for ordination and acceptance into ministry-related doctoral degree programs, such as a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree.

What Makes our Program Different?

LBC | Capital’s MDiv program is designed to allow students to take one or two courses per eight-week session, with the overall program encompassing 75 credits total. Depending on the pace students take courses and whether they have been awarded advanced standing, the average program completion time is between two years and three and a half years.

The regular MDiv program incorporates significant portions of the Master of Arts in Biblical Studies (MABS) and Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) programs, which can be taken through electives. 

Other MDiv Variations:

Course Length

8 weeks, language & practicum courses 16 weeks

Residency Requirement tooltip-icon

Residency for Christian Care courses include weekly remote learning sessions. MDiv courses will have residency options based on the delivery method.

Capstone Requirement

6 credits of field-based experiences

Transfer Agreement tooltip-icon

Transfer no more than 50% of a degree from an outside institution

Application Deadline

Determined by the Director

Would You Like More Information?

Reach out to request more information today, and one of our admissions counselors will connect with you soon to provide further details and answer your questions about hybrid or online divinity degrees.

Program Plan

MDiv - Christian Care Specialization (75 Credits)

Biblical and Theological Foundations 15 Credits

Ministry Leadership Foundations 9 Credits

Biblical Skills Development 15 Credits

Ministry Skills Development 6 Credits

Christian Care Specialization 21 Credits

Electives 3 Credits

Practicum 6 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

What is Advanced Standing?

Students demonstrating sufficient (at least 30 credits of undergraduate biblical, theological or ministry courses) may be awarded up to 12 credits of advanced standing in the MDiv program. These advanced standing credits will be applied to 9 credits of elective and 3 credits of biblical and theological foundations. Additionally, students with earned undergraduate credit in the biblical languages may earn up to 6 credits of advanced standing in biblical skills courses. Language credits may be applied to either Greek I and II or Hebrew I and II but not both.

Program Distinctive - What makes LBC | Capital's program unique?

Intentional Formation

We recognize that ministry leaders are motivated by who they are as well as who they are becoming. Therefore, LBC | Capital is committed to integrating healthy spiritual formation to develop spiritual, emotional and physical health in the personal and professional lives of ministry leaders.

Because of this, the curriculum will:

  • Include several foundational courses focusing on the interior life of the ministry leader.
  • Include aspects of personal spiritual formation in every course.
  • Continue to depend on faculty as both disciplers and academic guides.

Reflective Practice

Likewise, ministry leaders need to both think well and do well. To this end, LBC | Capital is dedicated to providing students with a solid biblical and theological foundation along with the tools to explore and apply Scripture as lifelong learners. At the same time, LBC commits to preparing students with the knowledge and skills necessary for ministry as leaders, caregivers, teachers and disciple-makers.

Because of this, the curriculum will:

  • Build upon a core of both biblical and ministry foundations along with the related skills for each.
  • Seek to purposefully integrate learning and practice in both sets of courses.
  • Seek to build the critical thinking and theological reflection skills needed to engage cultural issues with grace and truth.

Cultural Awareness

Program leaders know that ministry contexts are diverse and rapidly changing, so developing students who are aware of their context and who can exegete culture and Scripture is crucial.

Because of this, the curriculum will:

  • Include several courses that encourage students to think theologically as they approach contextual challenges and intentionally integrate faith and practice.
  • Seek to intentionally bridge the gap between theory and practice in every course.
  • Continue to encourage students to pursue a field experience. (Note that this will be required if we seek ATS accreditation.)

Customizable Options

LBC | Capital recognizes that our students are highly diverse by gender, ethnicity, academic ability and ministry context. Therefore, we commit to providing a sound foundation of biblical and ministry studies while ensuring significant flexibility for students to craft a personalized learning path to accomplish unique needs and goals.

Because of this, the curriculum will:

  • Provide a robust set of foundational courses addressing biblical, personal and ministry growth for every leader in the MDiv program.
  • Allow students to choose between a tools-based approach or a classical approach to language study.
  • Allow students to elect for intensive bible and theological coursework, intensive ministry praxis coursework, or a balance of both depending on their goals.
  • Provide for advanced standing through the pool of electives rather than the foundational BTC courses.

Stackable Structure

We recognize that we operate within constraints and want to demonstrate responsible stewardship of resources for students and the institution. Therefore, we commit to continuing the ‘stackable nature’ of LBC | Capital’s degrees, allowing for maximum course efficiency and student path flexibility.

Because of this, the curriculum will:

  • Maximize the use of a single course pool for LBC | Capital’s masters degrees (MAM, MACC, MAFL, MDiv and MABS).
  • Allow for future development of certificates and potential stand-alone degrees from the existing concentrations.
  • Continue to offer clear student pathways to the MDiv degree from each of the other LBC | Capital masters degrees.
  • Maximize transfer credits for students entering the program with an existing MABS or MAM equivalent.
Career Paths

The Master of Divinity Christian Care program will prepare you for a wide range of service and/or ministry contexts. Here’s just a sampling of careers where our MDiv-CC alumni engage:

  • Pastor
  • Chaplain
  • Ministry Leader
  • Christian Non-Profit Leader
Program Goals – In this program, students will…

MDiv outcomes:

  • Apply methods of interpretation, research and biblical languages study to the discovery of biblical truths.
  • Articulate and defend sound theology according to historic Christian orthodoxy.
  • Construct theological and ethical solutions to challenging questions and problems facing the Church and society.
  • Formulate the character and competencies necessary for ethical and authentic servant leadership in the manner of Jesus Christ.
  • Plan redemptive spiritual communities built on Christ-like character, authentic servant-leadership and a robust theology and philosophy of ministry.
  • Develop ministry skills in areas of evangelism, discipleship, care, administration and communicating biblical truth.

Within the Christian Care specialization, students will…

  • Understand people from a biblical perspective while incorporating appropriate behavioral science insights regarding the human condition.
  • Learn about common human problems from a biblical and research-based behavioral science perspective.
  • Learn about and apply appropriate caregiving techniques and methods in authentic ministry situations to people in need.
  • Learn how to train others in biblical Christian caregiving skills.
  • Learn about the mental health profession and additional caregiving options for necessary referrals when the needs of people exceed what a typical church or Christian ministry can provide.
Additional Certification Options
  • Students can receive Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training that can lead to certification with the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains (the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training), the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education or with Clinical Pastoral Education International.
  • Students can work toward acquiring certification with the International Board of Christian Care (IBCC, an affiliate of the American Association of Christian Counselors).

View the Christian Care Licensure Disclosures

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

Course Title Credits
BTC 563 Biblical Interpretation 3
BTC 523 Biblical Narrative & Old Testament 3
BTC 533 Biblical Narrative & New Testament 3
THE 501 Theology I 3
THE 502 Theology II 3
THE 509 Christian Ethics 3
MIN 511 The Church in God’s Mission 3
MIN 513 Historical Perspectives on Church & Culture 3
MIN 514 Contemporary Issues in Church & Culture 3
BIB 512 Greek I 3
BIB 513 Greek II or BIB 514 Greek Tools for Bible Study 3
BIB 517 Hebrew I 3
BIB 518 Hebrew II or BIB 519 Hebrew Tools for Bible Study 3
BIB 537 Biblical Exegesis and Exposition 3
MIN 504 Communicating Biblical Truth or BIB 535 Introduction to Biblical Preaching 3
MIN 523 Leading Spiritual Formation 3
CHC 505  Foundations for Christian Care 3
CHC 510  Christian Care of Individuals 3
CHC 511  Christian Care of Individuals Lab 3
CHC 515  Christian Care of Families 3
CHC 516  Christian Care of Families Lab 3
CHC 520  Christian Care and Group Process 3
CHC 525  Training Christian Caregivers 3
Electives 3
CHC 590 Christian Care of Individuals & Families Practicum 3
CHC 595 Training Christian Care Givers Practicum 3

Meet the Faculty

Matt W. Lee, PhD
Director of Master of Divinity
Vanessa Saylor, EdD
Assistant Professor, Master of Social Work Program
Esther Zimmerman, PhD
Associate Chair for Church & Ministry Leadership, Children & Family Ministry Program Director
Mark Farnham, PhD
Professor, MA in Christian Apologetics Program Director
Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD
Professor and MABS Director

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Logos Bible Software Package for Students

Our partnership with Faithlife enables us to make available to MABS and MDiv students a Logos Bible Software package worth over $4,000 for about $1,000. LBC | Capital is committed to equipping students with the skillset needed for successful ministry in the 21st century. We believe this includes taking full advantage of the technologies that are relevant and applicable to their context. The LBC | Capital Logos Package combines a custom-designed library of exegetical resources and the powerful tools of Logos Bible Software, which should aid students in being faithful to the biblical text as they navigate the demands of life and ministry.

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