Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


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3 years

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Why Earn a Doctor of Ministry Degree Online through Capital?

Our Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership will do much more than simply adding two letters to the beginning of your name – it will transform the way you do and lead ministry.

If you’re looking for a life-changing education that promotes empirical research, creative reflection and entrepreneurial application to the practice of ministry, then this online doctorate program is for you. Our online DMin program is ideal for the student who has already earned an MDiv degree, as our Doctor of Ministry builds on the knowledge core of biblical, historical and theological interdisciplinary studies taught during an MDiv program. With a focus on strategic leadership development, the degree exposes students to these components:

  • Leadership: content and skills training
  • Theological reflection: spiritual discernment
  • Social/cultural context: content and skills
  • Applied research: measuring program effectiveness

The degree’s purpose is to enhance the critical thinking, research and leadership skills of the student engaged in the leadership of congregations or church-related institutions. Through the process of empirical research, this DMin degree will enhance your reflective decision making enabling you to lead in a whole new way.

Course Length

16 weeks

Enrollment Point

DMin is a cohort model with the fall as the only enrollment point. The enrollment cutoff will be August 1 to provide enough time to onboard new students.

Residency Requirement

This online doctoral program has 18 days of synchronous learning via Zoom from the student’s physical location as the residency requirement. This means the student will need to have computer technology, time off work, etc. to participate fully in the synchronous residencies.

Capstone Requirement tooltip-icon

Applied and Empirical Dissertation
See a comparison in Capital’s research approaches.

Transfer Agreement tooltip-icon

Transfer in up to 50% of the degree total

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Program Plan

Doctor of Ministry (34 Credits)

Adv. Ministry Concentration Seminars 16 Credits

Applied Seminars 8 Credits

Research Design and Reporting 10 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and complete program details.

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Program Distinctive - What makes this program at LBC unique?

Designed for students who have already earned their Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, this program is well-suited for pastors, missionaries, para-church ministry leaders, teachers, and other Christian leaders looking for a way to heighten their professional development. Other benefits include:

  • Doesn’t require full-time residency, allowing students to remain active in their ministries or vocations.
Career Paths

The Doctor of Ministry will prepare you for a wide range of service and ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of ministries of our DMin alumni serve in:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • President & CEO of a Bible Institute and camp ministry
Program Goals – In this program, students will develop…
  • Gain the ability to think and execute skillfully in a selected field of ministry study.
  • Gain skills in contextualized ministry leadership.
  • Gain skills in doing applied research for the purpose of increased ministry effectiveness.

Course Plan

The following is the proposed schedule for this degree program.

Course Title Year Semester Credits
MIN 844 Formational Leadership in the Digital Age One Fall 4
MIN 850 Contextual Ministry Praxis Seminar One Fall 4
MIN 811 Marriage and Family Issues One Spring 4
MIN 842 Innovation and Change One Spring 4
MIN 843 Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Two Fall 4
MIN 851 Applied Research Seminar Two Fall 4
MIN 890 Mentored Research Design Two Spring 4
MIN 891 Applied Research Dissertation Three Fall 6

No courses are scheduled for summers to provide time for pre-dissertation research and literature review.

Meet the Faculty

Kevin Gushiken, PhD
Department Chair for Church & Ministry Leadership, Associate Professor, PhD in Leadership Program Director
Debra Johnson-Cortesi, PhD
Assistant Director of CML Doctoral Programs, Professor
Steve Yates, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

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