LBC | Capital’s DMin Degree Leads to Variety of Careers

by LBC Marketing

February 10, 2022

Many may think the path of a Doctor of Ministry degree leads only to becoming a pastor. But, in fact, a DMin degree opens doors to a variety of careers and ways to serve. Just take it from Valerie Travis (’23), a DMin student at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School who is using the knowledge and skills she’s learning as an in-school counselor.

LBC | Capital Doctor of Ministry Student Valerie Travis (’23)

LBC | Capital’s Doctor of Ministry program encompasses life-changing education that promotes empirical research, creative reflection and practical application to ministry. Taught through the lens of Scripture and focused on equipping students with the tools they need to think critically about living out their ministry, the DMin degree empowers students to lead in an entirely new way.

Designed for students who have already earned their Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, the program is indeed well-suited for pastors but also for missionaries, parachurch ministry leaders, teachers and other Christian leaders who aim to heighten their professional development.

LBC | Capital’s DMin program doesn’t require full-time residency, allowing students to remain active in their ministries or vocations. Courses are delivered in a unique, blended learning model that combines online and face-to-face classes—and requires just 18 days of residency in Lancaster, Pa., for the entire program. A Strategic Leadership concentration is also offered, equipping ministry leaders to navigate the complex landscape of organizational leadership.

Read more from our conversation with Valerie about her DMin experience at LBC | Capital.

LBC | CAPITAL: We’re so glad you are a part of the DMin program at LBC | Capital! Can you tell us why you chose LBC | Capital to continue your educational journey?

VALERIE TRAVIS: I chose LBC for two reasons: 1) I had good feelings about the Lancaster area, and 2) I went through the curriculum and checked the subject matter, and it was just what I wanted. After the initial interview with Dr. (Rick) Rhoades (former director of the DMin program), I was sold.

LBC: What was your educational and professional background before starting DMin courses at LBC | Capital?

VT: I have been a pastor for the last 10 years. I completed a master’s degree program from a biblical seminary in Hatfield, Pa. I have also been a Drug and Alcohol/Mental Health Therapist for the last 15 years, which has impacted how I do ministry.

LBC: Many assume a DMin degree is designed only for pastors or leads only to becoming a pastor. How do you plan to utilize the DMin degree in your career?

VT: I plan to open a Transition House for those who have missed a lot of life, survived substance use yet still need a hand up, not a hand out. This house will also speak to the homeless population.

LBC: What has been the best aspect so far about studying alongside your LBC | Capital peers and professors?

VT: I have had the pleasure to be opened up to the reality of seminary education through another lens. This program has challenged me to get out of my own way and to learn other ways of looking at the Word of God, and also to get a better perspective from other cultures. The professors are top-notch in that they are approachable and have a desire for us to win.

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