LBC | Capital’s Doctoral Students: Who Are They, Where Do They Come From & What Do They Do?

by LBC Marketing

February 2, 2022

LBC | Capital doctoral students engage during an in-class residency.

For those who want to reach the pinnacle of their educational journey, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School offers three doctoral degrees with much of the coursework completed in an online format. PhD in Biblical Studies cohorts meet three times per year throughout the coursework phase of the program, with most residences in Washington, D.C., and some in Lancaster, Pa. Residency for the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program also meets in Lancaster, and when the cohorts within the PhD in Leadership meet in person, they do so in Lancaster as well.

Who are LBC | Capital’s doctoral students, where do they come from and where are they making an impact in their ministry and careers? For example, did you know that LBC | Capital’s past and present doctoral students represent 32 countries? Here is just a sampling of students who are enrolled or have completed doctoral programs at LBC | Capital:

Dr. Mark Meyer teaches a PhD in Biblical Studies class.

PhD in Biblical Studies

  • 87.5% Male
  • 12.5% Female
  • 38% African-American
  • 51% White
  • 11% International/Other Nationality (Asian, Hispanic, American Indian, etc.)

Countries Represented:

Angola, Argentina, Ghana, India, Jamaica, Korea, Switzerland and the United States

Roles Held:

Pastor, Missionary, Academic Administrator, Professor, Teacher, President of Parachurch Organization

Doctor of Ministry

  • 77% Male
  • 23% Female
  • 41% African-American
  • 32% White
  • 27% International/Other Nationality (Asian, Hispanic, American Indian, etc.)

Countries Represented:

Australia, China, Columbia, Egypt, Kenya, Mongolia, Philippines, Rwanda, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda and the United States

Roles Held:

Military Veteran, Chaplain, Pastor, Principal, Director, Counselor, Church Planter, Professor, Board Chair, Department Chair, Therapist, Author and President/CEO

Dr. Kevin Gushiken teaches a PhD in Leadership class.

PhD in Leadership

  • 75% Male
  • 25% Female
  • 18% African-American
  • 38% White
  • 44% International/Other Nationality (Asian, Hispanic, American Indian, etc.)

Countries Represented:

Albania, Brazil, Canada, China, Congo, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Rwanda, South Korea, Syria, Uganda, United States and Zimbabwe

Roles Held:

Missionary, Professor, Translator, Department Chair, Pastor, Church Planter, Counselor, Project Director, Chaplain, Executive Administrator, Social Worker, Program Coordinator, President, Director, Teacher, Military Veteran, CEO/Founder, Dean, Superintendent, Principal, Vice President and Nurse

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