Doctoral Programs Comparison

This chart provides a quick comparison of LBC | Capital’s three doctoral degree options.
Program Comparison PhD in Biblical Studies PhD in Leadership Studies EdD in Educational Leadership
Purpose Develop Bible/Theology professors, authors, scholars Develop professors in fields of leadership, education & discipleship Develop leaders in schools, ministries, and organizations
Targeted Student Scholar/Professor/Pastor Scholar/Professor/Ministry Leader Education leader, practitioner/scholar
Program Credits 60 60 54
Delivery Method Hybrid Hybrid Online
Residency Location Lancaster/Greenbelt Lancaster/Greenbelt Online
Type of Degree Terminal Research Degree Terminal Research Degree Terminal Degree
Competencies Analytical, Language, Research & Writing Skills Teaching, Leading, Scholarly Research Teaching, Leading, Research
Study Focus Study of the Bible Study of Leadership Study Educational Leadership
Required Degree Masters in Biblical Studies or Master of Divinity – Additional language study Master of Arts in Ministry or Master of Divinity – plus Statistics Master of Education
Final Document Dissertation Dissertation Dissertation
Research Model Humanities Research Social Science Research Action Research