Sport Management

Master of Sport Science (MSS)


Avg. Completion Time

as little as one year

Delivery Method


Why Earn an MSS Sport Management degree through LBC | Capital?

The Master of Sport Science (MSS) in Sport Management is designed to expand and enhance the skills of students at all levels of experience in the industry. This online graduate level leadership program will provide a biblical foundation for those who serve in public, private or Christian organizations. Through a solid foundation of core courses, all students will expand their knowledge base and advance in understanding while being challenged personally and professionally. In addition, students will participate in an internship experience as well as select electives in a specific area of interest to become an expert in their field, expand their professional network and contribute meaningfully to their community.

As cultural and societal issues detract from and reduce the value of the sport industry, there is a great need for biblically educated Christians in the field of sport. Armed with biblical wisdom and truth, Christians are called to embrace and engage the world of sport to be a part of God’s redemptive work as His glory is reflected through the abilities and giftings of His creation. The program is developed with the professional competencies required to meet certification guidelines for graduate programs with the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA). LBC | Capital’s strong, accredited undergraduate program has laid the foundation for an easy transition to a Master of Sport Science (MSS) in Sport Management degree.

Course Length

8 weeks

Capstone Requirement

250 hours of internship experience in the field

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Program Plan

MSS: Sport Management (36 Credits)

Biblical & Theological Course 3 Credits

MSS Core 27 Credits

Electives 6 Credits

View the Academic Catalog for the complete curriculum plan, course descriptions and program details.

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Program Distinctives - What makes this LBC | Capital program unique?

The program is designed for the adult learner and offers flexibility for students to maintain their current career plan while earning their advanced degree.

  • Online delivery of the program provides flexibility while allowing students to work at a pace that fits their life stage.
  • Students progress through the curriculum as part of a cohort, which provides a collegial community with other Christians in the sport industry.
  • Students receive support and resources as they navigate an industry that challenges their core biblical values to establish a stronger Christian presence in the field of sport management.
  • A variety of electives that address current trends and focus on expanding career areas are offered so that graduating students will be prepared for career advancement in the industry of sport management.
  • The program culminates with a capstone field experience to provide students the opportunity to practice concepts learned in their classes, specialize in a chosen career area and expand their professional network.
Career Paths

The MSS in Sport Management prepares students for a wide range of service and/or ministry contexts. Here is a sampling of careers and opportunities this MSS degree affords:

  • Event manager
  • Fitness center manager
  • Outdoor activities/education manager
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports administrator
  • Sports coach
  • Sports development officer
  • Sports camp director
  • Sports writer/blogger
Program Goals – In this program, students will...
  • Integrate a biblical foundation of leadership starting with personal spiritual formation and transitioning to a broader organizational level of leadership principles and practices.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge of the core components of sport management, including technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills in leadership, management, marketing, communications, administration, legal and financial principles.
  • Analyze current issues in sport using critical thinking skills and displaying sensitivity to the issues while applying biblical principles to implement solutions.
  • Apply legal topics relating to the supervision and management of sport including tort law, risk management, contract law, employment law, ethics and discrimination.
  • Collaborate effectively with faculty and professionals in the sport industry, identifying current and emerging trends while contributing to the ongoing advancement of sport.
  • Formulate a biblical response to the ethical, social and philosophical views of impacting sport.
  • Demonstrate the effective use of technology and communication skills including written, oral, digital and social media.

Meet the Faculty

Tom Randolph, EdD
Amanda Zuschmidt, MEd
Program Director for Sport Management, Assistant Professor
Michael Ross, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Subject Matter Expert Designer & Manager
Heath Hooper, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Sport Management Expert Designer & Manager
Jeff Briggs, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Chris Lenhart, MRE
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Ryan Gottier, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Sports Management Expert Designer & Manager
Steven Polonus, PhD
Adjunct Faculty, Subject Matter Expert Designer & Manager

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Program Scope

The following is the proposed scope for this degree program.

Course Title Credits
BTC 503 Foundations for Integration or BTC 504 Perspectives on Integration 3
SPM500 Biblical Principles and Practices of Personal Leadership 3
SPM510 Leadership and Administration of Sport 3
SPM504 Evangelism and Discipleship in Sport 3
SPM530 Financial Management in Sport 3
SPM540 Current Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport 3
SPM550 Sport Marketing and Promotions 3
SPM560 Sport Communication Technology 3
SPM590 Internship 6
SPM570 Facility and Event Management 3
SPM503 Psychology of Sport 3

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