Amanda Zuschmidt

Assistant Professor, Shadey's Rugged Run Race Director

Amanda Zuschmidt graduated from LBC in 2003 and Millersville University with an M.Ed. in Sport Management in 2005. Upon graduation, Amanda accepted a position as a teacher and athletic director at a Christian school on the island of Guam. Amanda traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia scuba diving, hiking and exploring new cultures for over three years. Upon moving back to the states, Amanda began teaching as an adjunct professor at LBC in 2011 while her son was still an infant. Amanda came on full-time in 2013 primarily as a professor of Sport Management. Amanda is the race director for Shadey’s Rugged Run, an event run by seniors in one of her sport management classes’. Shadey’s has generated well over $150,000 in the past six years, supporting LBC Athletics and Penn State Hershey Children’s Miracle Network.


“A good leader takes a little more than her share of the blame, a little less than her share of the credit.” — Mrs. Zuschmidt