Meet Our Team

James Ayers

Professor Emeritus

Department: Church & Ministry Leadership

Office Location: Lancaster

Local church positions as Associate, Youth, and Senior Pastor
Executive Director of two Christian Non-Profits
Dean of Men & Interim Dean of Students
Conferrence Speaker & Church Consultant for 30+ years
Director of Hospital Chaplaincy Services
Interim Pastor in seven Churches
College/Graduate School/ Seminary Professor for 30+ years
Department Chair for 20 Years
Director of TraveLearn Academic Study Tours to the Middle East
Mentoring Professor for five years
Doctoral Programs Dissertation Reader


PhD, Oxford Graduate School [AKA, Omega Graduate School], Dayton, TN
MLitt, Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, TN
MA, Rider College, Lawrenceville, NJ
BS, Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA

Courses Taught:

10 Courses in Capital Seminary & Graduate School
25 Undergraduate Courses

Publications/Creative Works:

Book Reviews for The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
“Church Traditions: Are We Doing the Right Things for the Wrong Reasons?”,
The Clergy Journal
“The Quagmire of HIV/AIDS Related Issues Which Haunt the Church,” The
Journal of Pastoral Care
Three professional papers presented at The Evangelical Theological Society
Development & Leadership of TraveLearn academic study tours to Israel,
Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey & Greece

Awards & Honors:

Promoted to Professor Emeritus in 2020


1 Thessalonians 2:8