Meet Our Team

Douglas Finkbeiner, PhD

Professor and MABS Director

Department: Bible & Theology

Office Location: Lancaster

Dr. Doug Finkbeiner and his wife Sheri have been married for 32 years and have 6 children between the ages of 20 and 29. Doug has 13 years of pastoral experience and speaks extensively at churches and conferences. In 1997 Doug became a full-time professor at Calvary Baptist Seminary and began teaching in the area of New Testament and Practical Theology. In 2014 Doug became a full-time professor at Lancaster Bible College, where he teaches primarily in the area of the New Testament at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level. He especially enjoys teaching undergraduate and graduate students how to interpret and communicate the Bible. He has completed four graduate degrees– a Master of Divinity from Calvary Baptist Seminary (1985), a Master of Theology from Calvary Baptist Seminary (1989), a Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary (1995), and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (2010). While his doctoral degree at Denver Seminary focused on preaching, his doctoral degree at the University of Pennsylvania focused on Early Judaism and Early Christianity.

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  • “An Examination of ‘Make Disciples of All Nations’ (Part 2),” Calvary Baptist Theological Journal 7:2 (1991): 1-10.
  •  “Variety in Worship: ‘Innovation, not Accommodation,’” Calvary Baptist Theological Journal 9:2 (1993): 17-25.
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  • “Peeling Away the Layers,”  Frontline Magazine, November/December 2007, 16-17.
  • Review of The Samaritans in Flavius Josephus, by Reinhard Pummer, in Journal of the American Oriental Society, 2011 (131.1),  8-9.
  • “Think about it: A call to engage with our culture through thoughtful evaluation,” Echo Magazine,  Summer, 2017.

PhD, University of Pennsylvania
DMin, Denver Seminary
ThM, Calvary Baptist Seminary
MDiv, Calvary Baptist Seminary


Phil. 3:10