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Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership (BAML)
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Are you a leader in your church, parachurch ministry or non-profit organization? Do you love to serve? Is ministry where God is calling you? If you answered yes to these questions but feel like you’re lacking a formal education that would remove barriers to your ministry and strengthen your leadership and impact, then our 100% online ministry leadership degree is for you.

Designed to allow you to continue to serve exactly where you already are, this unique online ministry degree is formatted to combine online learning with practical oversight and hands on training from the ministry leaders you’re serving under right now. If you’re a volunteer youth leader, children’s ministry director, music leader, Sunday school teacher or outreach volunteer and want to earn your degree in ministry, consider this program.

Here’s how it works: you take online classes about all kinds of ministry related topics – like Bible, leadership, counseling, evangelism and more – and we integrate those classes with your local church or ministry through an apprenticeship to give you a foundation of vocational service. You’ll be paired with a mentor at your ministry who will equip and empower you as a developing leader through hands on learning application – which will look different for every student in the program. In essence, we’ve created an online degree which keeps you active in your ministry, allows you to customize your education to your area of passion in service and helps you earn a degree that’s relevant and applicable to your life right now.

This curriculum is meant to be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of your ministry, your future goals and the kingdom. Plus, our online program offers college credits for life experience to eligible students, helping you earn your degree faster than you thought.

Why Study Ministry Leadership Online at LBC?

  • Fast & Flexible Schedule: The fast-paced schedule allows you to concentrate on one 6 week course at a time.
  • Life Experience Credit: Earn college credits from our evaluation of your life experiences.
  • Earn Your Degree Your Way: Study completely online, only in class or even do a combination of both!
  • Accredited: Earn your degree from an accredited Bible college in PA.
  • Double Major: You’ll graduate with majors in ministry leadership and biblical studies.
  • Hands On Training: While this degree is completely online, the unique apprenticeship structure of the program allows a ministry leader to mentor and guide you through real-life training, right where you’re at.

Adult Education

Your Journey

Program Credits: 120

Locations: Online,


Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership (120)
Associate of Arts in Ministry Leadership (60)

Accept Previously Earned Credits: Yes

Cost per credit: $440 for 2020-21 academic yr.

Average course = 3 credits
(average is $1,320 per course)


Bachelor (120 Credits)

Ministry Leadership Core: 36 Credits
Biblical Studies: 30 Credits
Arts & Sciences Core: 36 Credits
General Electives: 18 Credits

View the CATALOG for the complete curriculum plan, courses and more.
Bachelor | Associates

Associates (60 Credits)

General Education:18 Credits
Ministry Leadership:18 Credits
Biblical Studies:18 Credits
Electives:6 Credits

A MINOR is also available. Check out the Course Plan

Sample Course Outline

CML 102 – Foundations of Ministry

This course introduces students to biblical and philosophical foundations of ministry by examining God’s global mission and our place as individuals and communities within His work. Particular attention will be given to how God’s people join with the Mission of God both locally and globally. Students will examine both their personal call to fulltime vocational ministry and healthy habits of discipleship and spiritual formation.

CML 210 – Fundamentals of Leadership

Building on a foundation of personal character development, this course will overview theological and philosophical essentials for effective leadership. Students will learn how God has uniquely created them for leadership and how to utilize strategies for team building, conflict management and leading change.

MIN 201 – Strategic Ministry Leadership

Continuing the development of leadership skills, this course focuses on practical skills needed to be an effective leader, citing Biblical examples and principles. Students will learn how to utilize strategies for vision casting, strategic programming, leading change, and conflict management.

CML 324 – Spiritual Formation for Ministry Leaders

This course explores the goals and processes of spiritual formation in the life of ministry leaders from personal, biblical, theological, and historical perspectives. A theological and experiential exploration of various factors related to spiritual growth introduces the student to historic disciplines and practices of the Christian faith. Students will examine the unique challenges and dangers commonly faced by ministry leaders, and develop intentional practices and disciplines for their spiritual well-being.

MIN 350 – Ministry Leadership Internship

This course equips students to skillfully demonstrate ministry leadership aptitudes by implementing such skills in hands-on, real-life ministry situations. Students will be challenged in character formation, ministry competency, practical theology, and community participation through active leadership in a selected ministry, meaningfully engagement in mentoring relationships, regular rhythms of self-reflection, and practical experience in pastoral responsibilities.

CML 201 – Teaching Skills

This course is designed to develop your skills in communicating biblical truth in various ministry contexts. The course addresses theories of effective teaching, inductive Bible study, issues in applying Scripture to life, and components of learning. The second segment of the course will focus on structural elements in designing lesson plans and the creative use of learning activities.

CML 328 – Ministry Administration and Finance

This course examines the Biblical principles, leadership theory, and practical skills necessary for the effective administration of ministry staff, programming, and finances. Students will apply Biblical principles to the management of ministry staff, programming, and finances. Additionally, they will evaluate various management styles and fundraising strategies as they apply to specific ministry contexts.

MIN 450 – Ministry Leadership Practicum

This course empowers students to make a meaningful contribution in ministry work by being uniquely invested in hands-on, real-life ministry situations. Students will be challenged in character formation, ministry competency, practical theology, and community participation through active leadership in a selected ministry, meaningfully engagement in mentoring relationships, regular rhythms of self-reflection, practical experience in leadership responsibilities, and ownership of a ministry initiative.

A Closer Look: My Online Experience

Closer Look - Business Administration

Featured Alumnus: Carroll Briggs (’17)

Hear from Carroll Briggs about his experience earning his degree online through LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program.

Jobs and Careers in Ministry Leadership

  • Pastor
  • CEO of Nonprofit
  • Youth Pastor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Associate Pastor
  • Executive of Parachurch Organization
  • Nonprofit Director
  • Senior Pastor

How Does the Adult Education Course Schedule Work?

The adult program consists of THREE terms:

  • Fall: July–December
  • Spring: January–June
  • Summer: June-August

The fall and spring terms are comprised of 3 course sessions and the summer is comprised of 2 course sessions. A course session runs for SIX weeks or classes and runs back-to-back across all the weeks of the year. Exact dates for each term are available through the Adult Education Office

  • Online classes
    Students taking online courses are not required to attend class at any time. Instead, they engage in collaborative learning through our learning management system. Learn more about studying online.

Meet the Recruiters

Determining What Courses To Take

Each student’s path to completion is unique, depending upon the courses you are transferring into the program. The curriculum plan above gives a broad picture of the required credits. If your transfer credits come from mostly one of those areas, you will need to take credits in the other areas. The remaining courses you need for graduation can best be determined after reviewing your transcripts. With flexible electives, Bible and Theology requirements, and General Education requirements, most students are able to transfer to LBC the maximum number of credits.

Credits for Prior Learning. Students can earn up to 30 life experience credits, through the Credits for Prior Learning evaluation process, which will often reduce the time to complete a degree. The life experience credit evaluation process is done after a student begins a program.

When Can I Start?

As soon as you are ready. LBC has 8 entry points per year meaning you are only ever a few weeks away till the next course starts.

Looking for Ways to Finance Your Degree?

Our LBC Financial Aid Office can help you navigate through the process. Learn more

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