2024 LBC Graduates Share Blessings, Testimonies and Gratefulness

by LBC Marketing

April 30, 2024

Posted: April 30, 2024

2024 LBC Graduates Share Blessings, Testimonies and Gratefulness

by LBC Marketing

Graduation is a special time for students who have worked so diligently, for families who are bursting with pride and for professors who have watched students flourish. Here are just a few heartfelt words from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School graduates who are celebrating in the spring of 2024.

photo of graduate sophia l.

Sophia (’24)

“I cannot begin to elaborate enough on how LBC has prepared me for the future. However, I will share that LBC has impacted my life in such a way that I feel more confident and assured as I continue to assist future clients with the obtained knowledge I have received from this institution of learning. I also value and appreciate the biblical studies which have enhanced my gifts that will further help the communities I serve.”

—Sophia, Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies, Philadelphia

Graduation ceremony.“Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School prepared me for the future in several ways. I have developed a deeper understanding of Biblical texts. Through rigorous study and analysis of the Bible, I’ve gained a more comprehensive understanding of its content, context, and interpretation methods. This foundation equipped me to navigate complex theological issues and apply biblical principles to various life situations. My education emphasized critical thinking skills, encouraging me to evaluate ideas, arguments and evidence critically. This skill is vital in any profession, enabling me to make well-informed decisions and solve problems effectively. As for my communication skills whether through written assignments, presentations, or class discussions, I have honed my skills. Clear and effective communication is essential in virtually every career path, and the ability to articulate ideas persuasively is a valuable asset. Studying biblical texts in their historical and cultural contexts has fostered an appreciation for diversity and a nuanced understanding of different perspectives. In an increasingly globalized world, cultural awareness and sensitivity are essential skills for success in any field. Overall, LBC | Capital has equipped me with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and values that will serve well in my future career and personal life, whether I pursue further studies, vocational ministry or another field entirely.”

—Marion, Bachelor’s of Biblical Studies, Washington, D.C.

“LBC gave me the Biblical foundation to grow in my own knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. But, it also gave me the tools to be able to share the gospel and teach the Bible to other people, but especially children. LBC gave me some of the best cheerleaders, prayer warriors and the best support system to start my future, not just classmates and peers, but staff and faculty as well.”

—Julia, Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies & Children and Family Ministry, Lancaster

“LBC has been a blessing to my life, giving me the tools and equipment for a stronger marriage and a fruitful ministry. I was confronted many times with thinking outside the box. LBC gave me the critical thinking to access real world issues. As my wife [SheLaine, who is also celebrating her graduation from LBC | Capital this spring] and I embark in our pastoral ministry we look back at LBC with gratitude. We prevail because we focused on the goal with is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ! In the moments that we were knock down we always looked unto God! Through the difficulties we endure because we said ‘But God!!'”

—Christopher (’21 & ’23, walking at 2024 graduation), Master of Arts in Ministry, Online

Graduates pose for a group photo.“Lancaster Bible College has prepared me for my future by teaching me how to integrate my faith into my work as a social worker. During my time in my undergraduate studies [at another institution], my faith was not part of the conversation to be incorporated into serving other as a social worker. We never really talked about the social worker’s faith, we were just told to leave it at the door when going into to a session. At LBC, we were taught how to incorporating faith with loving our clients like Christ did for us. The LBC Counseling & Social Work Department showed us students how to have a biblical worldview with in the social work career. Being able to have that biblical worldview has allowed me to grow in my position as a Christian counselor and to serve others like Christ served the Church.”

—Madeline, Master of Social Work, Online

“I came to LBC as a transfer student from a secular university and a re-dedicated follower of Jesus. I had never experienced a Christ-centered education. When I first came to visit LBC, I was very nervous. A staff member approached me with so much love and kindness. The campus felt so peaceful, and I just knew that this was the next best step for my life. God used LBC as a moving part to ultimately restore my foundation on Christ through education, chapels and lasting friendships. The Lord placed new desires in my heart of how he wants me to serve him in my next chapters.”

—Julianna, Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management, Lancaster

graduate Velma

Velma (’24)

“I am a senior citizen, licensed and ordained in the Baptist church. My former learning was from Sunday School teachings along with monthly Baptist Training Classes. The Scripture tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto God. This led me to LBC to begin detailed studies and preparations to serve the church as God would have me to. During this time, I dealt with health issues and the sudden death of my only child. God has and is getting me through my grief. My professors from the Philadelphia campus truly assisted me through the grief. They have been part of my reason for not shutting down. To God be the glory for all He has and is doing in my life.”

—Velma, Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies, Philadelphia

“LBC | Capital taught me new theological and leadership principles. My ministry became more effective as a result of these teaching. God taught me to persevere. If I could summarize my LBC experience in one word, it would be ‘perseverance.’ I am 51-year-old Brazilian man who is a U.S. resident. I love to learn. LBC gave me the precious opportunity to learn about many different subjects. I got closer to God through the whole educational process. My whole experience at LBC was amazing! I praise God for LBC | Capital.”

—Fabio, PhD in Leadership, Online

Graduation ceremony“I don’t know what God has in store for me. I don’t know how He will use all that I’ve learned and the growth He has worked in me. However, I do know He has a plan. It’s going to be better than anything I can imagine and this training will have uniquely equipped me to serve Him right when He puts me. He has been faithful this far, He will continue to be faithful. I will follow Him step by step. It’s always a struggle to go back to school as an adult with many reasons not to take on the challenge. However, in every single class, I had a moment where God made it clear why I was taking that specific class at that specific time. God’s timing and sovereignty has been made evident time and again. God has also provided the funds to pay for the classes, books and supplies, the time to accomplish the work, and the support and encouragement to focus on accomplishing this huge milestone.”

—Leigh, Master of Divinity in Leadership Studies and Christian Apologetics, Lancaster & Online

“Through my experience at Lancaster Bible College, I have gained valuable preparation for my future endeavors. My experience and education have equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary for my current role. Still, it has also reinforced my understanding of the importance of a Christian worldview in pursuing my career. LBC has given me the confidence to recognize my worth and value within my chosen profession. Furthermore, my time at LBC has solidified my passion for human services and has inspired me to pursue further education, primarily through my experiences with my professors. I am now determined to pursue a master’s degree in leadership and or psychology, which will enhance my ability to serve others effectively. I am confident that the education and values instilled in me at Lancaster Bible College have prepared me well for the next chapter of my life and career.”

—Deneen, Bachelor’s in Human Services, Philadelphia

“I’m thankful to God for choosing LBC for my studies because my time in this program has radically challenged and prepared me to be an effective counselor with an amplified value for continued education. My professors and classmates have become like another family to me and surely continued supports and resources as a clinician. Not only do I feel empowered to provide care within national and state requirements and expectations, I also have been encouraged by my professors in how to integrate my faith in Christ. While I complete this program and graduate, I also leave with the awareness and excitement to be a forever learner which my professors and classmates have inspired me to pursue.”

—Kristen, Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Washington, D.C.

“At LBC, I grew in my understanding of God, myself, my calling and God’s heart for the world. My understanding of how children learn and how best to teach students grew as well. From leading worship to classes to internships and student teaching, to projects and papers, to mission trips and service opportunities, all of these experiences have prepared me for future. My time at LBC was filled with valuable experiences that strengthened my biblical worldview and my relationship with God. At LBC, I have been equipped to teach, lead and serve God’s kingdom.”

—Yomarelis, Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education + Master of Education in English as a Second Language, Lancaster

“LBC has prepared me for the future and for ministry through the biblical integration in my courses. I feel better equipped to tackle challenges in the business world by utilizing my biblical worldview and the practical knowledge I have gained through my business classes. I have appreciated the real-world examples that my classes have offered, and it is is through these that I feel better prepared to take on the future.”

—Courtney, Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management, Online

Graduation ceremony“I was given lots of great opportunities to learn about my field and gain valuable experience for my time after undergraduate studies. God has helped me see that I need to trust His plan and His timing and to be patient for Him to act, trusting that He has surrounded me with people who love me and will be used by God to lead me closer to Him.”

—Mark, Bachelor’s in Sport Management, Lancaster

“LBC | Capital has certainly given me the tools to better serve God’s people. As an instructor and minister, I love helping folks to understand the true Word of God and how to study God’s Word. Not only has my learning experience helped me to serve others, but it is further empowering me in my studies as I am still growing in rightly dividing God’s Word. We live in a world of chaos and confusion; people are struggling to find solutions but do not know the true Word or the true God. Godly ethics seems to be a thing of the past, but God is very much alive and still expects holiness. As Christians, we have a responsibility to live as image-bearers of God.”

—Edna, Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, Washington, D.C.

“LBC | Capital has played a crucial role in preparing me for the future in several ways. First, the rigorous academic curriculum and dedicated faculty members have equipped me with a solid foundation in theology, enabling me to deepen my understanding of faith and spirituality. The diverse learning environment at LBC | Capital has broadened my perspective and enriched my knowledge, preparing me to engage with different theological perspectives and challenges in the real world. Furthermore, the practical experiences and hand-on opportunities provided by LBC | Capital have allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situations, honoring my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The supportive community at LBC | Capital has fostered personal growth, resilience and a strong sense of purpose, empowering me to navigate future challenges with confidence and integrity.”

—Veneice, Associate in Biblical Studies, Online

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Ready to learn about one of the majors of these graduates? Check out all of LBC’s many programs today!


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