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Jesus declares that we are to love God with all our mind. Therefore, the Arts & Sciences (A&S) department is dedicated to equipping students with broad cultural knowledge and practical principles for living out Christ’s teaching through a strong liberal arts curriculum. Our courses emphasize four themes: developing discernment, cultivating creativity, analyzing the evolution of diverse worldviews, and critically investigating God’s creation. These four themes presuppose that students, as God’s image bearers, are pursuing more than a career. We believe students must be educated holistically, preparing them to follow God’s call to be a redemptive presence in the world.

The department also seeks to help students understand how the theories and trends within these disciplines influence worldviews on many levels. Understanding these influences allows for more effective ministry because students expand on the knowledge of people and culture that is also being cultivated in the professional and biblical departments at Lancaster Bible College. Before graduating, students take a capstone course that encourages them to put their knowledge into action by interacting with various communities that lie beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

To read more about the Arts & Sciences department's objectives and the required core A&S courses see the undergrad catalog.

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