Bible & Theology

Bible & Theology Department

The purpose of the Bible & Theology Department is to equip Christian men and women for life and ministry through the instruction of the Bible, theology and proper hermeneutics.

To accomplish this purpose, the department prepares students to know the Bible through a course on the science of Bible study (hermeneutics), and four required Bible survey courses. Students also take two exegetical electives that allow them to practice and demonstrate competency in the principles learned in their hermeneutics course, one in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.

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Undergraduate Programs under the Bible & Theology

LBC’s Bible & Theology Department, through Biblical studies’ tracks, provides students with the flexibility to choose courses from various professional departments, while also giving them the same core Bible & theology and arts & science courses as all LBC majors. These options are ideal for those who wish to go into missionary service and who will need a broader ministry exposure. It also prepares graduates who are involved in smaller ministries that need generalists rather than specialists.

These academic options use an interdisciplinary approach which allows students to design a course of study to match their academic interests with their ministry preparation.

Bachelors, Associate & Certificates (Accelerated Undergraduate)

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