7 Student Clubs & Organizations You Didn’t Know LBC Had

by LBC Marketing

May 25, 2018

Posted: May 25, 2018

7 Student Clubs & Organizations You Didn’t Know LBC Had

by LBC Marketing
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Student activities, clubs, and campus organizations are an important part of any traditional undergraduate student’s college experience – and Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School is no exception! Check out our list of seven on-campus groups you didn’t know Lancaster Bible College had.

1. Intramural Ultimate Frisbee

That’s right! Ultimate Frisbee Organization (UFO) attracts students interested in participating in intramural Ultimate Frisbee. Tournaments on campus and off campus are made available. Our team did pretty well in 2018.

2. Handbell Choir

Yup, we’ve got a handbell choir. You might have seen them perform at some of the more recent productions, like our annual Christmas concert.

3. International Student Fellowship

This group is open to all international, missionary, third culture, and diplomatic corps students. The group seeks to encourage each other through caring, sharing, and fellowship.

4. Charge, LBC’s Fine Arts Magazine

This fine arts magazine is brimming with submissions from our talented student body – and it’s made, produced and edited by our students as well! Click here to see an issue.

5. Focus, LBC’s Student Newspaper

Focus exists to provide the Lancaster Bible College community with credible news that informs and enriches each person’s experience. You can see what’s new on campus and around the world by visiting lbc.edu/focus.

6. Student Government Association

Officers elected annually from the student body; represents students’ interests, encourages self-government, and promotes responsibility, loyalty, and cooperation among students and in their relations with faculty, staff, and the administration of the college.

7. Chamber Singers (Select Acapella Vocal Ensemble)

This acapella ensemble is made up of 14-16 talented vocalists who are also members of the LBC Chorale. Check out the groups incredible and inspiring performance of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy in this clip below.

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