LBC | Capital Alcuin Society Provides Platform for Faculty & Student Thought

by LBC Marketing

March 24, 2021

Posted: March 24, 2021

LBC | Capital Alcuin Society Provides Platform for Faculty & Student Thought

by LBC Marketing

By their nature, colleges and universities are designed with critical thinking and scholarship at the core. The Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School Alcuin Society serves as a faculty-based scholarly platform to provide LBC | Capital’s professors, students and academics opportunities to share their expertise, present scholarship for peer review and engage in dialogue.

Dr. Daniel Spanjer, Professor and Chair of the Arts & Sciences Department, and Dr. Mark Draper, Electronic Resources Librarian, are joining forces to offer engaging content and thought-provoking conversations this spring.

“The Alcuin Society provides workshops and facilitates faculty-led discussions on topics important to our community’s spiritual development,” Spanjer said. “Through excellent scholarship, Bible college educators seek to balance their twin goals of thinking and living well as they seek to love God with their whole hearts and to love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Added Draper, “Especially at a point when social media feeds are endless loops of bad news, many may find it difficult to feel the life-giving power of God’s redeeming love. We hope the Alcuin Society will help both faculty and students take a break from hopelessness with several uplifting videos on perseverance that the Alcuin Society curated specifically for LBC.”

In the video series, people from the LBC | Capital community share how God gave them hope and strength in the face of suffering. In chapel gatherings March 23, 24 and 25, Draper discusses more about the Alcuin Society and the resources available. Live-stream chapel each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:10 a.m. through April 29 or catch up anytime at

“A goal is that the videos and other content produced by the Alcuin Society will combat the narrative of fear that is stealing our joy, as students, faculty and the college community as a whole hear these stories of perseverance that present pictures of God’s grace and power to overcome evil,” Draper concluded.

Check out the Alcuin Society video playlist on LBC | Capital’s YouTube homepage:

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