Graduation 2022: LBC Alumni Share Advice with Graduates

by LBC Marketing

May 13, 2022

When Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School asked college alumni to share advice with the Class of 2022, they didn’t disappoint! Check out these words of wisdom for May 2022 graduates who will soon join the LBC | Capital family as alumni.

“College is not the pinnacle of your relationship with God. Abide in Him. He will continue to teach you so much about who He is and your relationship will grow in ways you will not expect. Your degree is not for yourself but to serve. So serve. Also, humbly accept that you know less than what you think”

Nica (’19)

“Finish well. This is the last month of many things—classes, professors, dorm life, athletics, college community. Use this last month to faithfully finish well. Be diligent with your work. Thank your professors and coaches for all they do. Be a good steward of what you have at LBC. Find ways to love and serve your community ‘one last time’ before leaving college. Rejoice in the gifts God has given you at LBC and rejoice in the new season of life He’s about to carry you into.”

Courtney (’19)

“Don’t wait around. Jobs don’t fall on your lap. You’ve done the academic work, now start looking. Have your next step covered. You’re a grownup now, and you’re gonna do great.”

Nick (’11)

“Life just begins after graduation. I remember the ending of college feeling like such a downer. Will I see my friends ever? Will we all grow apart? Will life just be about paying bills, finding community and working tirelessly? Nope, I had the one of the most exciting years of my life right after I graduated college. So many things happened that I didn’t anticipate, in the best ways. No matter what, CLING to God’s Word, don’t lose sight of the truth and remember 1 Corinthians 2:9: ‘But as it is written, No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him.’”

Peyton (’19)

“Don’t panic if you don’t know exactly what you’ll be doing after graduation. I felt stressed at my graduation because so many of my friends already had their next step mapped out—a school they were hoping to teach in, a church they would pastor, a mission organization they would serve under. I had no clue what my next step was to be. But God reminded me that I was on His timetable, not my own. So I relaxed and enjoyed my last semester at LBC, graduated and went back home. I kept praying and seeking God’s next step, and He finally revealed it to me five months later. I’m still serving in that ministry now 42 years later! Be patient and trust God’s timing.”

Lynda (’79)

“Be a good steward of your time. It’s not over yet—cherish every last minute. God is sovereign and already knows your future, but do your best, working hard always like the ant, and above all, PRAY and BE STILL so you can listen to God’s voice as He leads you in the right direction. Go forth and serve the Lord wholeheartedly!”

Allison (’21)

“There are many things I wish I did different, but that last month I was trying to finish all up and plan a wedding. It was hard and oh-so-overwhelming. I thought those two things, graduation and marriage, were the main events. In reality, God was creating a foundation of faith around me and in me. I wish I had taken time to thank each professor, especially the ones that pushed me. I am in year 40 since graduation and never once have I questioned going to LBC and investing the time and effort there. I have used my education over the years, youth ministry at three churches, working as a minister to women for the past 15 years. It didn’t look like what I thought it would—it has been so much better. God has been faithful. Breathe, be grateful and know you are not alone and God will use every bit of this for His glory. Press on!”

Deb (’82)

“Finish well and strong with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Patiently wait for God’s timing. I applied to 55 different churches for an Assistant Pastor position, and God humbly blessed me with a position in my home church. His way is the best way. Don’t force anything.”

Farley (’16)

“Nothing is over yet. Think of your closing studies as still being ‘work,’ and work at them. I think faith is easier to identify looking back to see those times when there was an undeniable ‘yes’ within your heart, your spirit.”

Ted (’61)

Hey graduates, you’re now alumni! Stay connected with your alma mater!