An Interview with Dr. Krish Kandiah

by Dr. Doug Kegarise

January 23, 2019

Dr. Doug Kegarise, program director of Capital Seminary & Graduate School’s Doctor of Ministry program, sat down and interviewed Dr. Kris Kandiah, a UK-based author, speaker, consultant, former seminary president and passionate advocate for the needs of vulnerable children. He’s also an adjunct professor in our DMin program who provides our graduate students with invaluable insights on life, leadership and ministry. Here’s what he had to say about our graduate program.

1. What do you like about teaching Doctor of Ministry students?

I love the opportunity to help leaders to accelerate their effectiveness for the kingdom of God by sharpening their academic skills, deepening their theological understanding and making friends with other Christian ministry leaders.

2. Why should people consider a DMin through Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School?

We have an exciting line up of innovative courses, a state-of-the-art online learning platform and innovative face-to-face intensives.

3. What do you like about LBC | Capital’s DMin program?

I loved our New York intensive. Pastors from Hawaii, Japan and mainland USA gathered in Manhattan to learn from local ministry leaders. We learned from those seeking to transform the city through prayer, unity movements and strategic mentoring programmes to influence the key institutions of New York. One highlight was looking down on the sprawling metropolis from the top of the One World Trade Center as we took part in a theological reflection.

4. Why is it important for students to study leadership in a seminary context?

We need more than the latest management theories. We need to engage these theories through the depth and riches of scripture.

5. Why is it important for students to study formational leadership in a seminary context?

We need more than great leaders – we need great, Christ-like leaders.

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