LBC | Capital Partners with Yellow Ribbon Program to Support Military Vets

by Kelsey Madas

January 25, 2017

Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary and Graduate School has been a proud Yellow Ribbon Program participant since 2016. Through this partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the college is able to fund tuition expenses for veterans of the United States military that exceed the highest public in-state tuition rate. In essence: some, if not all, of your college tuition could be taken care of by the Yellow Ribbon Program .

“This is an incredibly valuable asset to our military and veteran students,” said Karen Fox, Director of Financial Aid at LBC | Capital. “Through our participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program and the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008, students who qualify can earn their degree with little to no out-of-pocket tuition expenses. And that’s just why we entered into this partnership: to honor and support our military by giving them access to top-notch, biblical higher education.” To learn more about the Veterans Educational Benefits for our traditional undergraduate studentsaccelerated undergraduate students, and our seminary and graduate students, click here.

The benefits of the Yellow Ribbon Program apply to all of LBC | Capital’s degree-seeking programs – meaning any of our 24 undergraduate7 master’s and 3 doctoral degree programs. Through the college’s accelerated undergraduate degrees program, students can earn their bachelor’s degree in business or Bible on campus or completely online, making the education process accessible for active duty military personnel. Capital Seminary and Graduate School, the graduate division of Lancaster Bible, offers students a unique learning format that blends face-to-face learning with online coursework. And, beginning in the fall of 2017, LBC | Capital will launch a chaplaincy concentration in our doctor of ministry degree – a great fit for military students seeking to engage in ministry in a military context.

“Knowing that LBC participated in the Yellow Ribbon Program showed me the appreciation that LBC has for veterans and active military,” said Brandon Glover, a current student in LBC’s accelerated undergraduate degree program and Senior Airman of the Air National Guard. “It showed me that there was a great Christian community of veterans at the college – and that was encouraging to me.”

Want to learn more about LBC’s participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program?

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