LBC Earns Second Straight NEAC Presidents’ Cup

by Zach Freeman, Director of Athletic Communication

August 3, 2018

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The North Eastern Athletic Conference Presidents’ Cup will reside in Lancaster, Pennslyvania for another year, Lancaster Bible College was declared the winner of the cup for the second straight year.

The Chargers were named winners of the NEAC Presidents’ Cup on August 3, as the NEAC culminated its week of sub-cup winners, by naming the overall top team in the conference for the 2017-18 academic year. Lancaster Bible earned the NEAC Presidents’ Cup for the second straight year, by winning the Faculty Athletics Representatives’ Cup for Academic Success, finishing fourth in the Senior Woman Administrators’ Cup for Community Service, taking home second place in the standings of the Athletic Direct Reports’ Cup for Sportsmanship, and fourth in the Athletic Directors’ Cup for Athletic Success. Lancaster Bible College is the first school to win the trophy in back-to-back years. 

By placing in the top four in each of the sub-cups, the Chargers tallied 11 points (lowest point total wins) and earned their second straight NEAC Presidents’ Cup. 

The Chargers’ overall student-athlete grade point average was 3.208 with 49.7 percent of the student-athletes from Lancaster Bible receiving NEAC Scholar-Athlete honors. Lancaster Bible raised $7,200 dollars over the course of the year, and 269 participants completed 1,064 hours of community service.

Lancaster Bible College’s director of athletics Pete Beers once again lauded the performance of the Chargers’ student athletes, saying he hopes they enjoy being named NEAC Presidents’ Cup winners again, but also see the big picture of being well-rounded student-athletes. “Not only do we have student athletes who are excelling in the classroom, but on the field and court, and in the community,” Beers said. “We are performing well in those aforementioned areas, and by keeping sportsmanship, academic success, and a focus on the community, we hope this will lead our student-athletes to becoming productive and positive citizens in their own community when they graduate from Lancaster Bible College.”

Beers also pointed out that though the Chargers have earned the NEAC Presidents’ Cup for the second straight season, there are still many things to improve upon, something he hopes is an annual tradition at Lancaster Bible College, whether there is a NEAC Presidents’ Cup to show for it or not. “Getting better at everything we do each year is something we strive for here at Lancaster Bible College, and this honor shows that we are making productive strides,” Beers said. “I’m most excited that we can still do better in each of the four areas of the Presidents’ Cup, and Lord-willing, we will continue to make progress, and get better as coaches, staff and student-athletes.”

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