The Way It Was | Welcome to the New LBC | Capital Alumni eNewsletter

by Zach Freeman

January 25, 2021

Posted: January 25, 2021

The Way It Was | Welcome to the New LBC | Capital Alumni eNewsletter

by Zach Freeman
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In this first installment of our look back through the ages of LBC | Capital, we are headed back to the decade of the 1950s, as the Lancaster School of the Bible went through several large changes, including moving to the college’s current location at 901 Eden Road.

The college also had its first presidential change during the decade, as first president and founder Henry J. Heydt stepped away in 1954, and William J. Randolph was chosen as the second president in the college’s rich history.

The college was blessed with tremendous leaders during the 1950s, as Presidents Heydt and Randolph led the college throughout the decade, and future president Stuart Lease attended the school, and then served as dean, before beginning his term as president in 1961. These three men, along with many other men and women, helped the college not only move from Lancaster City to Eden Road, but helped enrich the lives of students, and those in the surrounding area.

Be sure to listen to our first “Tales from Eden Road & Beyond” podcast, as we breakdown some of the big events from the 1950s at LBC | Capital, or as it was known then, Lancaster School of the Bible. You can find the podcast on Spotify or at this link.

College Clubs During the 1950s

  • Foreign Missions Fellowship
  • American Red Cross First Aid
  • Student Council
  • Echo Staff
  • Ichthus Staff
  • Chapel Choir / The Ensemble
  • Ladies’ Auxiliary (Began in 1955)
  • Basketball Team (First mention comes in 1957)

Events and Notes of the 1950s

1. “New Life Hour” Radio show

  • The radio show aired on WLAN AM radio, and could be heard from 5:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. in 1954. The show was on air “for the purpose of honoring and glorifying the Lord Jesus by seeking to present the way of salvation to those outside of Christ and to show Christians the importance of an intimate walk with their savior.”

2. The Class of 1958 dedicated the yearbook to Mr. and Mrs. J. Martin Esbenshade, who donated 15 acres of land to the college on Eden Road.

  • The yearbook says of Mr. and Mrs. Esbenshade, “To know them, and to be the recipients of their expressions of love for their Lord, has been a rare and fruitful experience for us of the class of 1958. And every future class, and succeeding years of ministry of LSB (Lancaster School of the Bible) will share the continuing benefit and blessing which God has provided thru the lives and service of these dear friends.”

3. The Missionary Conference was held in Lancaster at the Calvary Independent Church in 1957.

  • LBC | Capital and Calvary had a tremendous relationship in regards to the missions conference each year, and it became a highlight for many students.

4. Activities and gatherings at the college included the Halloween Masquerade, Christmas party, spring concert and Valentine party.

5. The 1954 Lancaster School of the Bible Commencement was held on May 25, 1954, at the Charlotte Street Church of the Brethren.

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Posted in: Alumni, Athletics, Community