What I Wish I Knew Before I Went to College

by LBC Marketing

November 2, 2016

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College. For first-time students and soon-to-be freshman, that word can either cause feelings of excitement or anxiety. It is, after all, a huge adjustment: between starting classes, getting to know your roommate, possibly moving to a new area and being on your own for the first time, starting college can be plain overwhelming.

In light of that, we asked some of Lancaster Bible College’s undergraduate students to share their best advice with students getting ready to head off to school in the next few months. We talked to Emily Krump (‘17, social work), Joshua Fulmer (’19, student ministry), Kun Hee Charity Kim (’19, vocal music performance, international student), Jared Tiesenga (’16, student ministry, transfer student) and Shanice Smith-Starr (’17, social work). Here’s what they had to say.

1. As a student at Lancaster Bible College, what is something that you wish you knew before you came to college?

Krump:  I wish I had known that freshman year would be a huge adjustment, and really challenging. In many ways . . . my life completely changed – but that things get easier and better with time.

Fulmer: I would say the one thing I wish I knew before I came to college would be [that you should] get involved immediately. Especially as a commuter, involvement was sometimes difficult, but the more “in the loop” you were, the easier things seemed to be.

Kim: My experience might be a little different because I was moving into a new country for the first time, but it would have helped to know my own stress-reliever. We all get stressed at some point or another, especially as a freshman, but I think it would have helped if I knew back then that taking walks at night, listening to jazz instrumental music, journaling, or coloring helps me to go through the stressful moments healthily.

Tiesenga: I wish I knew how to manage my time better – procrastination is a horrible thing. I wish I knew about scheduling and making a plan for the day, week, life etc.

Smith-Starr: Before I came to college I wish I knew how to manage money better, where to get good off-brand cereal that I can afford, be vulnerable and ask for help, be able to write in APA format, and how to balance good, practical study skills while playing a sport.

2. What advice do you have for incoming freshman?

Krump:  Be intentional! If you want to get to know someone, ask them to grab coffee with you. If you’re struggling in a class, or you have a lot of questions, ask to meet with your professor after class. If you look up to someone and want to learn from them, ask them to mentor you. College can be the most transforming, stretching time of your life if you take ownership in soaking in all that you possibly can from your college experience.

Fulmer: Biggest advice for freshmen is to seek people to pour into you. To fully grow and experience the development here at LBC, you need someone who has been through the ringer before, whether it be an upperclassman or faculty or staff, to pour into you from their experience and guide you on the right path.

Kim: Get ready to learn [that you’re not as good of a person as you] thought you were and to allow God to stretch you in many ways. 

Smith-Starr: Advice I have for incoming freshman is to simply let God lead you, enjoy the process because each year brings new things, and to simply engage and have fun!

3. What has been the most impactful part of your education at Lancaster Bible College?

Krump:  Being taught to know and love the Bible from professors who are so knowledgeable about the Word of God. As I will soon be entering the professional world, I am so thankful for how LBC has equipped me to value God’s word and to view the world through the lens of the gospel.

Fulmer: The biggest impact for me and my education at LBC would hands down be the Bible and Theology courses . . . I have loved all of my courses in the [Bible &Theology] department, from OT 1 to Christian Narrative.

Kim:  I’ve learned to value and really treasure God’s Word by studying the history, the doctrines, the hermeneutics, and the applications of it shared by the professors.

Tiesenga: Don’t worry about what you have to wear, or the car that you want/drive, or having the best things . . . just be thankful for what you have. You never know where God will bring you in life, you just need to pray, be in the Word and trust that wherever He has you is for a reason. God brought me from Illinois to Wisconsin now to PA . . . and I now know and see the reasons why God brought me here.

Smith-Starr: The most impactful part of my education at LBC is being educated and mentored by godly people and seeing how we can relate so many things back to a biblical worldview, and of course, the community. I have never experienced so much love, care and support from so many people in one place! God truly has His hand on Lancaster Bible College!

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