Student Leadership Training

Student leadership training is key to who we are as a college. That is why we have intentionally created this student leadership preparation program.

The first year of LeadNow is made of a group of approximately 40 incoming students who apply and are accepted into the program. Each student is awarded the opportunity to be poured into by some of the finest leaders across the campus of Lancaster Bible College in regards specifically to their leadership.

The LeadNow program consists of Summits, Mentor Groups, and ServeNow service pods. Each summit deals with a particular aspect of the gospel-centered leader, such as priority setting, conflict resolution, listening, and more. The Mentor Groups consist of meeting with an LBC staff or faculty member both at our monthly summits and one on one. These one on one meetings help you journey your first year at LBC with confidence and encouragement in your spiritual leadership development. The ServeNow service pods allow you to exercise your leadership skills, abilities, and gifts to serve LBC faculty, staff, student body and LBC as a whole.

The LeadNow program is by application only and is accompanied by a $1,500 leadership scholarship. The scholarship is renewable as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA, is engaged in leadership on campus and is in good standing with the college.

If you are an accepted student, ask your admissions counselor about LeadNow.