Let us tell you about Thrive@LBC

Thrive@LBC is a three-week program designed for select students as part of their acceptance to LBC. Thrive provides a foundation for ongoing success at the college level. Thrive accomplishes this goal by creating an environment where students are able to take root spiritually with daily devotional time, to grow academically with a morning and an afternoon course, and to connect socially with each other and the LBC community.

When does Thrive@LBC start?

Thrive@LBC begins three and a half weeks before the Welcome and Orientation Weekend of the fall semester in order to allow students time to complete their first two academic courses and to get settled before the fall semester begins.

What courses will I be taking?

Students attending Thrive are enrolled in two courses for the three week-program. In the morning session, students are enrolled in either LAN060 Intro to College Reading and Writing or MAT060 Foundation for College Mathematics depending on the stipulations in the acceptance letter. All Thrive students take CSS062 College Success during the afternoon.

What do I do after class and on weekends?

After classes, students and staff eat dinner together often followed by a group activity. After dinner, there is plenty of time to complete course work for the next day’s classes. On the weekends, students participate in group outings and attend a local church as a group.

Resident Thrive students are expected to stay on campus for the second and final weekends of the program.

Is Thrive worth it?

Students participating in Thrive are entitled to a free course voucher for either the Winterim or Summer sessions during their freshmen year which is a $1,000 value. Students who complete their freshmen year over a 3.5 GPA are eligible for at least $3000 in additional scholarships. The initial cost of $900 dollars for the 3-week program includes course fees, room and board, and activities proves to be a real value over course of the year.

My Acceptance letter says I need to take a placement test, what do I do?

If you are eligible for a placement test, contact the Ally Center to schedule your placement tests. The Ally Center will work with you to choose a time to take a Math or Writing test, depending on which is recommended to you by Admissions, on-campus or remotely before you begin classes.

Additional Questions? If you have additional questions, contact your admissions counselor

Where do I live during Thrive?

In August, resident Thrive students are given rooms to choose from in Weber Hall. Once the fall semester begins, a roommate will also be assigned in that space. If you have a desired roommate for the fall, you can select your roommate through the Star Rez Housing Portal when you sign up for Thrive and Fall housing.

When will I know my room assignment?

You will be able to select a room when you register for housing after signing up for SOAR. You can use this link to access the housing application. If you are accepted to Thrive during or after June, talk to Residence Life about how quickly we are able to make your assignment by emailing

What if I’m a commuter?

Thrive@LBC students who are commuters do not have to live in the dorms but will be required to be on-campus every day, including weekends, for Thrive classes, meals and activities. This allows more interaction with the material, resources, and other Thrive students to build relationships. These meals and activities are included in the Thrive fee.

I have special housing accommodations; can I receive help during Thrive?

Yes! We will do the best we can to accommodate your needs. For housing accommodations, start with the housing application to indicate your needs and Residence Life/Disability Services will review and get back to you. For academics, check with the Disability Services or email them at

What do I do for meals during Thrive?

In the August 3-week program, your meals will be provided through the Thrive program while you are on campus. More information will come through the Ally Center regarding meals. Your fall semester meal plan will start the Sunday evening before fall semester classes begin.