Social Work (M.S.W.) Licensure

State-by-State General Disclosures

Capital MSW Program is pursuing accreditation through the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), receiving Pre-Candidacy Status in December 2020. Candidacy Status is expected to be attained in February 2022. Students admitted to the MSW Program during the academic year when Candidacy is obtained will be considered enrolled in a CSWE-approved MSW Program. Because full accreditation takes three years to receive, students graduating prior to receiving full accreditation in February 2024, will not be able to sit for the licensure exam in any state or territory in the United States until documentation is provided that accreditation has been received.

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State & Territory Requirements

Last update: 6/2021

State/Territory Meets Requirements Does Not Meet Requirements Has Not Been Determined
Alabama (AL) x
Alaska (AK) x
Arizona (AZ) x
Arkansas (AR) x
California (CA) x
Colorado (CO) x
Connecticut (CT) x
Delaware (DE) x
District of Columbia (DC) x
Florida (FL) x
Georgia (GA) x
Hawaii (HI) x
Idaho (ID) x
Illinois (IL) x
Indiana (IN) x
Iowa (IA) x
Kansas (KS) x
Kentucky (KY) x
Louisiana (LA) x
Maine (ME) x
Maryland (MD) x
Massachusetts (MA) x
Michigan (MI) x
Minnesota (MN) x
Mississippi (MS) x
Missouri (MO) x
Montana (MT) x
Nebraska (NE) x
Nevada (NV) x
New Hampshire (NH) x
New Jersey (NJ) x
New Mexico (NM) x
New York (NY) x
North Carolina (NC) x
North Dakota (ND) x
Ohio (OH) x
Oklahoma (OK) x
Oregon (OR) x
Pennsylvania (PA) x
Rhode Island (RI) x
South Carolina (SC) x
South Dakota (SD) x
Tennessee (TN) x
Texas (TX) x
Utah (UT) x
Vermont (VT) x
Virginia (VA) x
Washington (WA) x
West Virginia (WV) x
Wisconsin (WI) x
Wyoming (WY) x
American Samoa (AS) x
Guam (GU) x
Northern Mariana Islands (MP) x
Puerto Rico (PR) x
Virgin Islands (VI) x