7 Reasons Why LBC Students Decided to Earn Their Degree Online

by LBC Marketing

August 1, 2021

Posted: August 1, 2021

7 Reasons Why LBC Students Decided to Earn Their Degree Online

by LBC Marketing

People go back to school for a number of reasons – to get qualified for different jobs, move up in their careers, finish the degree they always wanted, accomplish a goal or learn more about the Bible. We asked some of our students at LBC | Capital what compelled them to complete a degree online. Here just a few of the reasons why students in our online programs at Lancaster Bible College decided to complete their degrees.

1. To Turn Life Experience into College Credits

‘“I was instantly attracted to LBC when I found out that an undergraduate program had been developed that was completely online. I was even more interested after I learned that I could get 30 credits simply for life experience!” Tina Gordley (’18), Costa Rica

Tina, her husband and their children are serving as missionaries in Costa Rica. She completed her studies while living abroad, working in ministry and raising a family. Read more about Tina’s experience with our online program here.

2. To Use Their GI Bill® Benefits

“Lancaster Bible College was recommended to me by a dear friend at church. His recommendation came at the same time I was inquiring with the VA to see if I was still eligible to use my GI Bill® as I had been separated from service for over a decade.” – Daron Miller (’19), Maryland

Daron was a student in online biblical studies program, as well as a husband, father of two and a veteran who was working full time and serving in his church. To learn more about why this veteran chose to study online at LBC, click here.

3. To Fulfill a Life-Long Dream

“25 years ago, I stopped school. Life got in the way. As time rolls on, it [becomes hard to go back]. I saw [LBC as] a chance, and so I did it.” – Caroll Briggs (’17), Georgia

Carroll decided it was time to accomplish his goal of earning a bachelor’s degree, and Lancaster Bible College helped him do it. Watch his testimony here.

4. To Advance Their Career

“My degree is giving me that confidence to pursue more growth within my career. I needed the boost of having my degree to push me toward more professional opportunities.” – Coleen Buglino (’18), Pennsylvania

Coleen worked in the corporate world and served as a missionary to Ireland, but never had time to finish her undergraduate degree. Now, she sees education as a way to climb up the corporate ladder. To learn more about Coleen’s experience with LBC, click here. 

5. To Enhance Their Ministry

“[One of] the biggest benefits of studying online through LBC was not having to ever leave my ministry for school. I was frequently able to apply things I was learning at LBC to my ministry in real time. It was never a question about, “Will I ever use this?” I had consistent opportunities to see the value of what I was learning in my current life experience.” – Jason Lee (’19), North Carolina

To learn out more about Jason’s time in our online program, click here.

6. To Not Miss a Moment with Family

“It just so happens that when I got a full-time job, Lancaster Bible College just launched their online degree in communication. I love my family, and I don’t know if I could do school if it didn’t offer me the flexibility to spend time with them. Luckily, LBC’s online degrees are just that: flexible. It gives me the opportunity to be present in my life.” – Duncan Oleshak, Michigan 

Learn more about how Duncan balances family time while working a demanding full-time job by clicking here.

7. To Understand the Bible More Fully

“[My education] has impacted me in so many ways. I see myself growing every day and so is my desire to know more about God. It has given me more confidence to stand and lead. I can clearly see God teaching me through each course. I vowed to not just go to school for the credits, but to be transformed – and I can confidently say I am!” – Fatima A., Africa*

Fatima and Junior Azikiwe are refugees living in Africa and studying online through Lancaster Bible College. To read their story, click here.

*Names and locations have been changed.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

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