Alumni Spotlight: Drew Leaver (’99)

by LBC Marketing

September 8, 2017

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Today, Drew Leaver is the lead pastor of Northeast Bible Church in Garden Ridge, Texas. But like many of those who felt called to ministry, he knew he needed to invest in an education that would equip him with the knowledge and appropriate skill set for the job. “My education at LBC was incredibly instrumental in preparing me for ministry,” he said. “It gave me a foundation for understanding the Scriptures, the tools for digging in and unpacking the Word for God’s people and it gave me the practical leadership skills that I needed for all of the ministry that happens Monday to Friday.”

But his time at LBC did more than just grant him a college degree to list on his résumé. According to Leaver, “Far more than just the ‘content’ of study, my time at LBC profoundly shaped my character as a result of the men and women who God placed in my life while there. At the end of the day, ministry comes down to character – not what you know about the Bible, but rather if you know the God of the Bible in a deeply personal way. LBC not only shaped my passion for God, but it surrounded me with people and professors who modeled a fierce commitment to Christ, giving me the opportunity to see what it takes to pursue God in that very personal way.”

Though pastoral ministry can be challenging, Leaver’s focus on God’s work through the church drives him daily. “Don’t get me wrong: church work is tough and trying, but it is also one of the most rewarding places to serve in the Kingdom!” he explained. “The local church is ground zero for God’s activity on earth. Think about it – the local church is THE thing Christ established through His disciples, so in a very real way there’s no better place to be than serving in the local church! Week in and week out, I get to see God on the move in families, marriages, addictions and suffering.”

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