Alumni Spotlight: Emmanuel Adomako (’16)

by Rev. Rodney L .Carter Jr., Director of Alumni Relations

March 31, 2017

Posted: March 31, 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Emmanuel Adomako (’16)

by Rev. Rodney L .Carter Jr., Director of Alumni Relations
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While growing up in Ghana, West Africa, Emmanuel Adomako always felt a call to the ministry. He knew that he both needed and wanted to study the Bible in depth to sharpen his skills as a minister, but wasn’t sure how that would be possible.

“My dreams were totally shattered,” explained Adomako. “I felt like there was no hope for my life because my parents were not in a good position to help me further my education.” This limited access to quality biblical higher education was a culmination of several factors – challenging family circumstances, the fact that he was living in an impoverished country and his own lack of direction. Still, he felt God calling him to study. And through some unconventional means, God would provide a way for Adomako to just that.

Because he was fluent in English, Adomako often translated for visiting evangelists and missionaries that came to visit his native country of Ghana. After one such routine interaction, the preacher – an American missionary named Dr. Bob LaForce – stopped to chat with Adomako. He asked him if he would be interested in a deeper study of the Bible and told him all about LBC. Of course, he said yes.

Adomako’s journey to LBC certainly wasn’t an easy one. When he was offered the opportunity to study in the United States, he had to make the difficult decision to leave his home country, family and friends behind – including his newlywed wife, Alice. In fact, the two lived apart for an entire year. And because of further complications with the student visa application process, Adomako arrived at LBC two weeks after classes began. Nonetheless, he was certain God’s hand was at work through it all, and he officially became a LBC Charger.

Adomako credits his education at LBC for giving him the tools he needed. “Truly, LBC has equipped me in diverse ways with the needed tools for the gospel ministry in Africa,” he said. Now, he’s preparing to continue his education Lancaster Bible College – this time, as a graduate student in the professional counseling program at Capital Seminary and Graduate School. He hopes to use the training that he’ll receive to bolster the efforts his, evangelism-driven, prayer and word-based ministry called Love in Christ International. “After graduate school, my goal is to go back to my motherland – Ghana, West Africa and reach my people for Christ holistically. I  want to go back to properly train and equip our rural pastors, pastors’ wives, evangelists, and teachers in the areas of biblical soul caring, Inductive study, practical application in expository preaching and small scale business training as well as medical counseling assistance to the villagers,” said Adomako.

Now, Adomako serves as a ministry intern at Calvary Monument Bible Church in Paradise, Pennsylvania where he is getting practical ministry experience, and he’s also pleased to report that his wife, Alice, and two children, Eugene and Jayden, reside with him stateside. “LBC has stretched my scope of biblical knowledge and it has influenced and shaped my life as an African Ghanaian evangelist,” explained Adomako. “Now, I strive on daily basis to always think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.”

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