New Finishers for Christ Group Focuses on Discipleship and Relationship

by LBC Marketing

March 12, 2021

LBC | Capital recognizes the importance of community in walking with Christ and supporting one another through every step of life. Based on curriculum that will guide community and small group discussions, Finishers for Christ’s weekly activities are focused on discipleship and mentorship that will help students formulate their biblical worldview. Group organizers, such as FFC President Zachary Clemens (’22), a Business Administration major from Honey Brook, Pa., hope many will join FFC and enjoy the LBC | Capital community of believers to spur each other through discipleship and mentorship conversation.

Q: One of the goals of FFC is to match students together to form small groups. Why are intimate groups so important in spiritual growth?

A: The Bible calls us to go and make disciples. Jesus demonstrated this when He chose 12 men to disciple through ​a restored and close personal relationship with Him. Christ met them where they were in life and walked with them intimately through their triumphs and trials. One of our speakers, Steve Gilmore, puts it this way:

“True Christian life is to be lived in intimacy with the Father and every member of the family of Christ. The purpose of family is for encouragement, accountability and comradery. Without that purposeful connection, we will never experience genuine love for one another, and we run the risk of not finishing well in our Christian life. The Christian life was never meant to be lived in isolation. We need each other far more than we understand.” 

Small groups help establish this idea of family as we journey through life experiences together.

Finishers for Christ meetingQ: Now that FFC has started meeting, what have you seen as the main benefits for students?

A: The main benefit we are seeing is that students are learning to become intimate with God and pursue a “life of mission” with Him. Having the chance to fellowship and discover others who are like-minded in seeking God is a major benefit, with some students having already discovered meaningful and hopefully lifelong friendships. God’s Word is the true source of power to transform lives (Romans 12:2). Encouragement and accountability to be in the Word daily are benefits that many students have established within their small groups. Students are getting a chance to interact with each other in a non-academic, non-athletic capacity, which offers a much-needed respite from the busyness of college life. This fellowship will hopefully carry us throughout the week as we continue to support each other in keeping Christ at the center of our decisions and life choices.

Q: Later in the semester, large group summits will be part of the FFC mix. What kind of information will these gatherings provide for students?

A: These gatherings will offer the student body a chance to learn more about discipleship and FFC. Our hope is that every student at LBC | Capital takes the opportunity to invest in their walk with God and join FFC. These large groups will be times of fellowship that will hopefully draw more interested students into the community and offer current FFC members a chance to reach out to those around them.

Q: What will be the value of mentorship opportunities with faculty and staff?

A: Part of LBC | Capital’s uniqueness is stated in our motto of “Your Journey, Our Focus.” Faculty and staff who seek to invest in students and come alongside them in their spiritual walks and lives are a blessing that will positively influence the trajectory of countless students’ futures. FFC is a special opportunity to prioritize LBC | Capital’s mission and also the Great Commission to “go and make disciples.” For faculty and staff, FFC offers another avenue for them to impact the students whom God has brought to this school. When we, as a school community, can seek to pursue God together, He will minister to every heart involved. The value of mentorship opportunities is growth that cannot be measured!

Q: How can the LBC | Capital community learn more about Finishers for Christ, join the meetings or get plugged in?

A: Anyone who is interested can fill out the interest form, email or contact Student Affairs for more information, and we will gladly reach out to them!

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