Here’s the Top 5 Pieces of Advice from Adult Learners

by LBC Marketing

August 29, 2019

Posted: August 29, 2019

Here’s the Top 5 Pieces of Advice from Adult Learners

by LBC Marketing

We’ve helped thousands of students earn their degrees over the years at Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School. Many of those students have been adults in our adult education programs who face the unique challenges of balancing full-time work, raising a family and more while completing homework assignments. Here’s some of their best advice to students about to embark on their journey toward a degree:

1. Have a Good Support System

“I had an amazing support system that made it all possible. My wife Jaime was my number one supporter. She would make sure the kids were cared for while even assisting with ministry duties. She definitely had a big hand in seeing me through my school years.” – Michael Weatherbe (’14, ’17), Philadelphia Location

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2. Ask for Help When You Need It

“The experience that I have had at LBC has been great. The professors have been wonderful. They are very encouraging and have given me tremendous help in the areas where I felt I lacked – but now I can truly say I don’t lack anymore.” – Norman Hicks (’18), Washington DC Location

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3. Manage Your Time Wisely

“It got hectic at times and stretched me, but it was never too much to handle, provided I managed my time wisely. A few months after beginning work as a youth pastor, our senior pastor resigned and I was unsure if I could complete the required coursework with additional pastoral responsibilities that I experienced, but God gave me grace and strength.” – Jason Lee (’19), Online from North Carolina

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4. Choose the Delivery Option That Best Fits Your Schedule

“I’m not going to lie and say that it is easy to fit each class into my life. I have five kids, a husband, a house and a ministry, so I have had to put some things on the back-burner. Truthfully, online classes are becoming part of my lifestyle.” – Tina Gordley (’18), Online from Costa Rica

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5. Make Prayer an Integral Part of Your Academic Journey

“My last two years were more difficult because I was dealing with some family challenges that included my mother’s decline in health due to Alzheimer’s. One thing that definitely helped was a personal prayer life and the prayers shared at the beginning and at the end of each class. My spiritual support came from home, church and school. Despite the challenges, I feel blessed to know the Lord gives all that we need to be successful and live our life for Him.” – Sharon Taliaferro (’17), Philadelphia Location

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