Here’s What People are Saying About Us Online

by LBC Marketing

March 13, 2019

Posted: March 13, 2019

Here’s What People are Saying About Us Online

by LBC Marketing
Posted in: Advice for Students

Lancaster Bible College has been around since 1933, so naturally, we’ve gotten some feedback over the years. Here’s a sampling of some of the nice things people have been saying about us online!

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience here. LBC provides a transformative learning experience. Excellent professors, staff, and classmates. Course work is both meaningful and practical. Highly recommended!’ – Steve Conover, Google Review.

“I love the community here at LBC. I’m currently attending the undergraduate program and have not regretted my choice.” – Jesse Hoffman, Google Review.

“You could not find a better place to receive your premier Christian college education.” – Brent Johnson, Google Review.

“A place that profoundly and permanently changed my entire life by their simple reliance on the Word of God and His sufficiency. I enjoyed nearly every aspect of this school and am grateful to it for so many wonderful blessings on account of their faithfulness. I have come away with knowledge of how to serve God more faithfully, a deeper walk with the Lord, and a Wife. God is certainly at work here in this school and I would highly suggest you join Him in it if you don’t already.” – Caleb Bogia-Curles, Google Review.

“Lancaster Bible College helped me grow in many areas. I had great professors who not only poured into my life while I was a student but even after I graduated in 2015. From the President on down, everyone is super down to earth and it shows everywhere you walk on campus. I have really grown in my walk with God and am super encouraged as to where the college is headed. God is doing some amazing things. I highly recommend this school.” – Julia Thomas, Google Review.

“I couldn’t be happier with the Accelerated Undergraduate Degree program provided by LBC. I am able to take classes every Tuesday evening and still balance work and life in a way that is not too burdensome. The staff and professors are amazing! They continue to challenge me as I grow in my faith and go out of their way to provide a welcoming environment for all students.” – Brandon Glover, Google Review.

“When I was a student at LBC, my professors always went the extra mile for me. They not only advised and taught me academically, but also professionally in my career, and most importantly, spiritually. LBC is a big part of my story and I praise God for the work He’s doing at LBC!” – Shelby Geraci, Google Review.

“LBC is a fantastic school . The administrative staff is very friendly and helpful. The professors are knowledgeable and passionate. The classrooms are comfortable and clean. The AUD program although challenging, facilitates a quick way for degree completion.” – Gina Paredes, Google Review.

“Not just for people called to full-time ministry! Undergraduate and Graduate programs in Business, Sports Management, HR, Criminal Justice, Social Work, Music, Communication, and of course ministry programs, too! A valuable, quality Christ-centered college education: In 2018, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School took second and third place in 2018 college rankings published by The Wall Street Journal, edging out two Ivy League institutions for the top spots. LBC grabbed second place on a list of Top Schools for Right Choice, placing ahead of Duke University and Brown University. The college also earned third place on a list of Students’ Top Schools for Career Preparation, ranking ahead of Drexel University and Dartmouth College.” – Jason Lee, Facebook Review.

“My son attends here and will graduate this fall, Dec. 2016. We, his parents, have been so very happy and blessed for LBC,a caring Christian college, its students and staff, that he not only has loved and learned so much, but has grown in the Lord, as well. Thank you LBC. And we especially love our President, a wonderful and caring man, Dr. Peter W. Teague, who cares for all his students and Logan, as his own! God bless you all!” – Dana VanHorn, Facebook Review.

“I received both a B.S in Bible (Youth Ministry) and M.A. in Ministry (Pastoral Studies) from LBC and enjoy both experiences immensely. The professors teach clear, sound biblical teaching, you develop great relationships, the interaction is terrific and you are prepared to live your life with a biblical worldview. If you are preparing to go into ministry, LBC is the place to go. It has great bible, theology, and ministry courses. In addition, my wife (whom I met at LBC) received a terrific early childhood education degree. No matter what LBC program you are looking to pursuit, it will be excellent.” – Chris Garland, Facebook Review.

“Great college and amazing professors. Sound in biblical doctrine. I highly recommend this school if you want to attend a college that will help you, or your kids, grow and develop a strong biblical worldview along with a passion for Jesus!” – Kevin Schrum, Facebook Review.

“LBC plays a vital role in what I am today. Thanks for your investment in me!” – Rebecca Ningshan, Facebook Review.

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