Home Away from Homeschool: For Many Students, LBC Is the Right Fit

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

July 5, 2022

Posted: July 5, 2022

Home Away from Homeschool: For Many Students, LBC Is the Right Fit

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

Finding a college that’s right for you is an important and difficult decision to make. There is a key piece about yourself you are looking for in a college—and this piece is distinct to each student. Whether they attended private school, public school or homeschool, a student’s educational journey prepares them for the next step into college.

Lancaster Bible College has become home to many students who were homeschooled at some point during their educational journey. Keep reading to see the many reasons LBC is the right fit for homeschool students.


LBC’s JumpStart program is a unique opportunity for high school students to get ahead in their college education by taking college classes while still attending high school. It’s a chance to take real college courses on campus and earn college credit while they are still in high school for free! Because many traditional high school students cannot come to campus during the day, homeschool students overwhelmingly enroll in this free program.

Learn more about this dual enrollment program at lbc.edu/jumpstart.

Home Away from Homeschool

One unique aspect of Lancaster Bible College is the large percentage of homeschoolers who make up the student body. In fact, LBC has a student body that is made up of 15% homeschoolers, which provides opportunities for homeschool students to be able to connect and build relationships with people who had similar educational experiences.

Simon Labrie.

With a homeschooling background, Intercultural Studies major Simon (’24) found his fit at LBC.

“Homeschool students fit in just fine at LBC!” said homeschooled Intercultural Studies major Simon (’24). “If I had gone to a secular school, I would have stuck out a lot more and would have had a harder time making the transition to college life.” Feeling accepted and included is important when it comes to choosing a college because it eases the anxieties of transitioning into a new environment.

Spaces to Socialize

College can be an overwhelming social situation, so LBC has many opportunities for students to get connected and make friends. LBC Director of Discipleship Dwight Shelly shared, “LBC’s tight-knit community allows homeschool students to get plugged into school activities right from their freshman year.”

From college events and student activities to peer-led organizations to the Weekend of Welcome orientation, LBC provides many ways for students to find friends and get involved. “The environment at LBC really allowed me to grow in my identity in Christ,” Simon said. “Fighting for that growth wasn’t as much of a personal struggle as it could have been. I could be myself and, because of that, more sincerely seek out who the Lord has made me to be.”

Homeschool materials. Small-School Feel, Big-School Resources

Lancaster Bible College has many resources to provide students with a quality education, while still maintaining the personalized educational feel of a small school. LBC has many of the resources of the large colleges while still being able to provide the individual attention students expect at a college of LBC’s size.

And Shelly added, “Our emphasis on community (with an average class size of 20 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1) allows homeschooled students to grow within an intentional community.” The smaller class sizes allow for a more personalized educational experience as students receive a top-notch education. “LBC students are known personally by our staff and faculty, and they are not just a number hidden in a huge class,” Shelly continued.

All Educational Experience is Valued

Lancaster Bible College appreciates the hard work students put into their education, no matter what form it was in. Each student’s journey looks different, and everyone has poured time and energy into homework, classes, tests and projects. LBC staff and faculty know that being homeschooled is just as valuable an education as any other schooling experience. “Another good thing about LBC is that they do not look down on you for being homeschooled,” according to another college student with a homeschool background. “They hold all students’ high school diplomas and credits equal, whether they were homeschooled or not.”

God at the Center

At the core of Lancaster Bible College is the mission “to educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the Church and society.” When looking for the right college fit, Simon had a few requirements. “I was looking for a place that would prepare me for my calling to ministry, train me in my spiritual gifts and would have a culture of Scripture,” he said. “I found that in LBC.”

LBC stands on the Bible as a building block for both ministry and professional courses, as well as extracurriculars and sports. Perhaps Shelly sums it up best: “LBC is a biblically sound school that will build on the great foundation Christian homeschool families have laid.”

Are you a homeschool family ready to learn more about LBC?


Are you a homeschool family ready to learn more about LBC?


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