How Can I Find Out Who My Roommate Is?

by Kelsey Madas

August 20, 2018

Posted: August 20, 2018

How Can I Find Out Who My Roommate Is?

by Kelsey Madas

To all incoming or new traditional undergraduate students at Lancaster Bible College: trying to figure out who your roommate(s) are? Well, look no futher. Here’s how you can find out who you’re going to share a room with for the the next semester.

1. Check Your Mailbox

Roommate assignments are decided at the beginning of summer and are communicated through the mail to our incoming students mid-July. So, check your mailboxes!

2. Check Your LBC Email

Placements that happen AFTER mid-July are communicated through your LBC email account. Login in and check your inbox!

  • Reminder: your school email address will most likely use the first four letters of your last name folllwed by a random series of numbers.

3. Returning students who still need to know their roommate assignments can email the Student Affairs Office (formerlly known as student life).

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