Is LBC a Good Fit for Home-Schoolers?

by LBC Marketing

February 11, 2020

Lancaster Bible College has long been proud to have former home-school students among the ranks of its students and graduates. But does the college offer any specific resources for home-schoolers making the transition from the classroom at home to life on campus? The answer is yes!

In addition to the academic and support resources offered to every traditional undergraduate student through the Ally Center and C3, we also offer our library to the community to use as a study space and to check out books, and Jumpstart, our dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors, allows student to take tuition-free college courses – to say nothing of the fact that LBC has topped the rankings in The Wall Street Journal’s College rankings, not once, but twice! We also occasionally offer physical education classes to area home-schoolers, with limited registration available.

Megan Brubaker, a home-schooled student enrolled in JumpStart, the tuition-free dual enrollment program at Lancaster Bible College, had this to say about the college: “LBC really does have supports in place for home-schooling students making the transition to college courses and campus life,” she said. “The college has worked with enough former home-school students that the faculty and staff understand them. One of the most frustrating aspects of being homeschooled is being misunderstood by others. Many people don’t understand it, and treat home-schoolers oddly. Because LBC has an understanding of home-schoolers, they put me at ease.” She also noted that knowing other former home-school kids at LBC allowed her to feel more at home on campus. “Lancaster Bible College has a good track record with home-schoolers, and it helps that I know various other students that are current students or alumni. Plus, the professor here are awesome!”

If you or a home-schooler you know want to check out LBC’s campus, why not sign up for an open house? See Lancaster Bible College for yourself, worship in chapel, meet with professors and more – it’s a great way to decide if LBC is right for you.


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