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The Counseling and Career Center at Lancaster Bible College – also called C3 – exists to provide comprehensive, biblically-based services to current undergraduate students at the college. C3 offers services in two key areas:


The C3 staff is dedicated to providing counseling and career services to students in all walks of life. It is the mission of C3 to help break down the barriers of success and help each student grow and develop into the man or woman God has created them to be. We seek to encourage our students to grow in every area of their lives—physically, emotionally and spiritually through the careful balance of support, encouragement and challenge.

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Counseling Services

Struggling with relationships-at school or home? Reeling from trauma? Managing a mental illness? College stressing you out or just need someone to talk to? We are here to come along side you to help you working out a personal problem or find a way to cope in the situation. Read more about our counseling services.

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Graduation might be closer than you think. Get ready for your next steps by pulling together a professional resume with our help and get connected to other resources to help launch you into the next phase of life, career-ready.

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Our Mission for C3


Both individual and group counseling, is our first and foremost goal. We work very hard to provide the best service that we can. Because our staff is small and our purpose is to provide services for our students, we are not able to offer counseling services for faculty or staff.


Education is also an important function for us and we provide it in a number of ways. First, the counseling we provide has a very strong educational component. This is especially true when working with young adults. Many of the concerns college students bring to counseling are developmental in nature and education is essential for the resolution of these issues.

We are involved in the annual training of the residence life staff through workshops presented to enhance listening skills, confronting skills, and crisis intervention. The staff also provides both classroom and other presentations on a variety of topics as requested by faculty or staff.


Consultation is provided in a number of ways. A student may not want or need a counseling experience, but may have questions about how to handle a difficult roommate, a situation at home, or a troublesome relationship. Students who have met with a counselor on a one time basis have found the consults to be very helpful.

Referral Services:

Crisis Intervention

At times throughout the year a student may find themselves in a crisis. Perhaps a family member has become seriously ill or has died, or a student feels hopeless or suicidal. Whatever the situation, having someone to help manage this crisis is important.

Faculty is briefed on intervention and introductory counseling procedures to help manage the situation until a health professional arrives to assess the student. Our counselors are available and trained to assist individuals experiencing a time of crisis.

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