Online LBC Student Honored as a ‘Woman of Achievement’ for Work and Leadership in Lancaster

by LBC Marketing

October 17, 2022

Posted: October 17, 2022

Online LBC Student Honored as a ‘Woman of Achievement’ for Work and Leadership in Lancaster

by LBC Marketing

A full-time, online Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School student, parent and minority business owner will be honored on Oct. 20, 2022, as with a Lancaster Woman of Achievement Award by the YWCA.

Kendra Wolfe (’23) | Photo Courtesy of Fig Lancaster

Kendra Wolfe (’23), a Biblical Studies major originally from Tennessee, is the Founder and Executive Guide of Unique Lancaster Experiences, a personalized business that guides both locals and visitors through the one-of-a-kind aspects of Lancaster County. Under Wolfe’s leadership, Unique Lancaster Experiences creates meaningful Lancaster-based experiences that build community while also highlighting local minority and women-owned businesses.

Some of these “unique experiences” include local International Food Tours, transportation for special events, downtown Lancaster scavenger hunts, walking tours, photo shoots and more. According to the Unique Lancaster Experiences website, Wolfe works to provide opportunities and dignity for impoverished members of the community and is a role model for others in turning their passion into profitable entrepreneurs who are excited about their careers while connecting with the community in an impactful way.

For six years through the Women of Achievement Awards, the YWCA has showcased those who, “through their careers and volunteerism, live out our mission in Lancaster County. These community members are business leaders, educators, medical professionals, public servants, artists, volunteers, and more who serve as mentors and role models in Lancaster County and beyond.”

Find out more about this local business owner, online LBC | Capital student and Lancaster County honoree who also serves through Christ Alone Fellowship, Meals on Wheels and Water Street Mission in Lancaster.

LBC | CAPITAL: Please tell us more about how “Unique Lancaster Experiences” serves the community and how God led you to start this business.

KENDRA WOLFE: “Unique Lancaster Experiences connects visitors and locals with our downtown businesses. We help chefs share their food and stories on the International Food Tour. We share Lancaster’s contribution to the Underground Railroad and connect people with local entrepreneurs through various tours and experiences. My 33-year-old sister died during the pandemic, and that is how the name ‘Unique’ was added to the company name. God led me to start this business after I consistently prayed to find work that would utilize my God-given gifts. He showed me I had everything it takes to run my own business.”

LBC: How has your faith in Christ and biblical training from LBC prepared you to live out your calling in your leadership position?

KW: “My faith in Christ allows me to relinquish control over every aspect of my life. I started this business in June 2020 shortly after the shutdown. Times were hard after the pandemic, and I was working full-time at Water Street Mission. God showed up every day to bless my business even in a time when it did not make sense. I started (classes through) LBC shortly after being saved. My biblical training helps me be patient with my staff, show grace when guests show up late, and go above and beyond as much as possible to serve my community.”

LBC: What are some ways you have seen God at work in the lives of those who have been blessed by your business?

KW: “People travel from all over the country to visit Lancaster. On the International Food Tour, we discuss how food brings people together. For some non-Christians, it is the first time they’ve ever heard Matthew 9:10-11. Jesus was seen eating with people society deemed unworthy by the people who were considered to be the most respected. Jesus knew their heart! They leave with a brighter picture of Jesus as being kind, non-judgmental and generous. I like to think that very little seed gets planted, and God can use it from there.”

LBC: How would you encourage current LBC | Capital students who are thinking about starting their own company or ministry?

KW: “If God put special gifts inside of you, He wants you to use them to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m astounded at how He can do anything when you trust Him! Don’t worry about not having enough money, followers or business experience. You have a Father who created a world for you to thrive in. Take one tangible step towards your dreams each day and see how He will provide for you!”

LBC: When you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you like to do?

KW: “I will ride my bicycle around downtown Lancaster or read a book and listen to my favorite piano scores. If I have more time, I love hiking and camping.”

LBC: Can you tell us more about your family?

KW: “I have a 4-year-old son named Ivey who is very adventurous and loves climbing mountains.

The rest of my family lives in East Tennessee and is always available to support me.”

LBC: What does the Women of Achievement honor mean to you?

KW: “I am overjoyed that the YWCA committee deemed my work worthy of such an honor. Volunteering, teaching and connecting with people is so much fun for me. I want more young women who grew up with very little to know they can dream big! The award means that God has so much more for me. His is propping open so many doors in our life. I was always too scared to open them, and now I genuinely believe I can do anything!”

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