LBC | Capital’s Library Goes Global

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

February 7, 2022

Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School is becoming an even bigger player in the world of global education through a new library partnership with the Association of Christian Libraries (ACL). This relationship gives LBC | Capital students, both on-campus and online, the opportunity to have even more materials at their fingertips.

Students can access the resources at partnering libraries throughout the United States and a few participating libraries in Canada. This exciting opportunity allows for LBC | Capital to better equip its students.

Below, Director of Library Services Dr. Mark Draper shares more about ACL and what it offers LBC | Capital students.

Charles & Gloria Jones Library sign. LBC | CAPITAL: What is the Association of Christian Libraries?

DR. MARK DRAPER: The Association of Christian Libraries is a professional librarian association that focuses on Christian librarians. ACL helps to develop professional development opportunities as well as consortium pricing on resources for member libraries.

LBC: What opportunities does ACL offer LBC | Capital students? 

MD: Due to our partnership with ACL, any Lancaster Bible College student in California, for example, could use the physical library of a participating member.  This means a student who does not live near our campuses can have access to physical materials not just the electronic resources offered by the LBC library.

LBC: What is the first step for students who wish to use the ACL program?

MD: LBC | Capital students will need to acquire a form from the Charles & Gloria Jones Library (housed on LBC’s Lancaster campus), which will give them permission to use one of the ACL libraries. Students can complete this form by going to

Dr. Mark DraperLBC: Besides ACL, what other resources does the library provide to students at LBC? 

MD: Aside from our relationship with ACL, we also have a similar relationship with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association, which provides access to 16 different regional libraries for LBC | Capital students. Also, students can request books from around the country through Inter-Library Loan, and of course, there is our ever-growing eBooks and electronic resources which provides students with 24/7 access to the library.

LBC: Where can students go to learn more about ACL and how to use it?

MD: Any student interested in using ACL or curious on learning more information about this program can go to

Did you know that with a combined total of over 500,000 items, the Charles & Gloria Jones Library comprises one of the largest among Bible colleges worldwide?

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