5 Distinctives That Make LBC | Capital’s MDiv Program Unique

by LBC Marketing

November 15, 2021

professor at computer

Aaron Brown, Interim Director of LBC | Capital’s MDiv Program, prepares to teach an online class.

Beginning in January 2022, LBC | Capital’s recently redesigned Master of Divinity program will be offered online, as well as in the current blended format. The college’s MDiv is designed for students who want to pursue both ministry leadership training as well as biblical and theological studies. In fact, LBC | Capital’s MDiv program is organized into five distinct sections that provide in-depth skill development along with learning and knowledge: Biblical and Theological Foundations, Ministry Leadership Foundations, Biblical Skills, Ministry Skills, Concentrations and Electives.

According to Aaron Brown, Interim Director of the MDiv Program, LBC | Capital’s MDiv is tailored for students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse ministry goals. “While traditional MDiv programs focused exclusively on training pastors, LBC | Capital’s new MDiv is designed for students looking for a strong foundation to serve Christ in the church but also in nonprofits, community initiatives and the workplace.”

Brown adds that LBC | Capital’s MDiv has many distinctions that set it apart from other programs.

1. Diversity Among Students

With strong representation of both male and female students, those from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, the program provides numerous opportunities to engage with a wide variety of perspectives and experiences.

2. Online and Blended Formats

Another great benefit of earning an MDiv at LBC | Capital is the choice of a blended or online format. In the blended format, students attend two-day in-person residencies either in Lancaster or Washington, D.C., about halfway through each eight-week course. Online students will have opportunities for weekly, live synchronous check-ins and discussions with faculty and fellow students. Furthermore, students can switch from online to blended and back again from course to course. So if a student’s schedule dictates an online format for one course, but the blended option with the residency is desirable for the next course, flexibility exists to do so!

3. Incredible Concentration Options

With more than a dozen areas of concentration, students can essentially design their own program according to their passions and ministry goals. Within the 75-credit program, students may select an area of focused study (12 credits), some of which have brand-new courses within them. Just a few of these concentrations include Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Leadership, Bible Exposition and Christian Apologetics.

Furthermore, up to nine credits within the program are available so students can even further customize their MDiv experience. With these credits, they may choose an internship with ministry or church, which may be especially beneficial for those making a complete career change. Or students may embark on an LBC | Capital TraveLearn trip to Israel, Turkey or Greece. Lastly, students may choose research-intensive courses with these nine credits, which will prepare them for doctoral study, such as a DMin or PhD.

As Brown notes, “Eighteen to 21 credits of the MDiv are uniquely you, with the guidance of advisors and mentors who help you along that path.”

4. Opportunities to Finish Faster with Advance Standing

Through Advanced Standing status, students who have history with LBC | Capital or have done the required coursework at the undergraduate level or within another master’s program will be able to finish their MDiv at LBC | Capital even faster. For example, students with Advanced Standing who take two courses per term—the fastest option possible—could finish in just over two years. Those with Advanced Standing who take one course per term will finish in a little less than three years. Students with Regular Standing who take two courses at a time can finish in about three and a half years, while Regular Standing students who take two courses at a time may be finished in about two and a half years.

5. Grounded in LBC | Capital’s Formative Values

LBC | Capital’s MDiv is also built upon the college’s mission to “educate Christian students to think and live a biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ in the Church and society.” More specifically, the MDiv focuses on the personal, spiritual development of as students cultivate the perspective of reflective practitioners in order to address both today’s and tomorrow’s issues of the Church.

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