Northland Grads: You Could Earn an Accredited Degree From LBC in Just 10 Courses*

by LBC Marketing

April 5, 2018

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Attention former students, graduates and alumni of Northland International University (Northland Baptist Bible College): did you know that you could earn an accredited bachelor’s degree from Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School in as few as 10 courses* or be admitted into one of our graduate programs**?

If you earned your bachelor’s degree from NIU, you could earn a second undergraduate degree from LBC – either online or on campus – with just a few courses. For students seeking a second bachelor’s degree, fully online or evening options are provided through Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees. Accelerated on campus evening options are currently available in Greenbelt, MD; Lancaster, PA; Memphis, TN; and Philadelphia, PA. In the Accelerated program, the following second degrees, except Business Administration*, can be offered to graduates of NIU with no additional Bible or Theology credits required to be taken through LBC**.

Additionally, LBC | Capital will consider granting admission into our graduate programs** for those holding a bachelor’s degrees from NIU.

PLEASE NOTE: More details can be given to you on a case-by-case basis. LBC | Capital holds the transcripts of NIU graduates. Please contact us if you would like us to perform a college evaluation.

*Depending on credits earned and major. Subject to change.
**Depending on GPA and undergraduate area of study. Subject to change.
*** Students who already have a Bible or Biblical Studies major from NIU may not earn a second Bible/Biblical Studies major/degree from LBC. We recommend that such individuals select another undergraduate degree option, or purse a master’s degree.  

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