A‘Head’ of the Game: Paige Hoover—Student Entrepreneur  

by Madalyn Kiser (’22)

February 23, 2022

Posted in: Education, Student Life

College debt can be overwhelming, but Lancaster Bible College student Paige Hoover (’22) is using her creativity to help pay off her loans. “I was praying that God would provide a way to pay off all my student loan debt, and he gave me the idea to create an Etsy shop!” Hoover shared.

Hoover explains that she hopes to be debt free upon graduation because she is getting married this summer. She believes this unique drive is what sets her apart from other small businesses and helps to propel her forward. Hoover said, “Without this ‘why’ I probably wouldn’t push my business so hard.”

Inspired by the un-comfortability of other headbands that were causing her headaches, Hoover set out to design ones that are both stylish and comfy. “I have always enjoyed sewing and wearing headbands, so I combined the two passions and created StitchesbyPaige,” she said.

Launching the business in February 2020, Hoover has sold over 10,000 headbands to customers in all 50 states. To stay fresh and current, Hoover runs promotions each month and gives buyers the opportunity to request customized headbands that best fit their personality.

“[God] gave me the creative abilities to make an Etsy shop,” Hoover shared. “He continues to keep providing me with new ideas to keep my Etsy shop fresh and exciting.”

Although Hoover is majoring in Early Childhood Education, she shared how much Lancaster Bible College has helped her as an entrepreneur. As a Christian, she explained how LBC has helped to shape her mindset to think and live a biblical worldview.

“Even though I can’t make ‘Christian headbands,’ I can live out my faith through the way I interact with my customers and do my best to please God—not man,” she said. Between sharing her faith on social media to praying for costumers, Hoover makes it a point to show the love of Jesus in all that she does throughout her business.

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